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Becoming an Outdoors Woman

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​​Becoming An Outdoors-Woman (BOW) is a program designed to give women introductory experiences and instruction in various outdoor activities. Three-day weekend workshops include classes ranging from outdoor recreational activities to shooting sports to outdoor crafts and hobbies. Program instructors emphasize the basics in instruction while providing information on equipment, associated clubs and/or organizations, and additional training opportunities. Workshops are open to women 18 years and older. Meals, lodging, transportation during workshops, giveaways, and use of class equipment & supplies are all included in the workshop registration fees. Workshops fill up very quickly so keep an eye on this website for updates and workshop registration materials.


June 8 - 10 at Lorado Taft Field Campus, Oregon, IL. Workshop registration fee will be $240. Workshop registration will begin February 26, 2018. Registration materials and forms will be available to download from this website on February 26, 2018.   

(Tentative) September 28 - 30 at Touch of Nature / Giant City State Park, Carbondale, IL. Workshop registration fee will be $240. Workshop registration will begin around the end of June / early July.  


Mitch Ingold
BOW Program Coordinator

 June 2017 BOW Workshop at Lorado Taft Field Campus

According to suggestion box comments, the June BOW workshop was a success for a majority of participants. There were some snags and situations during the workshop which made it more stressful to manage. But, as long as the participants enjoyed themselves and learned some good things in their classes, everything is good! We even set a record with the oldest participant to attend an Illinois BOW workshop.....Lorraine Halford, 92 years old (center picture in chair). We should all be so lucky to have Lorraine's abilities, attitude, and zest for life when we are in our '90's! Thanks to all our BOW instructors for their time and efforts!


September 2017 BOW Workshop at Touch of Nature / Giant City State Park.

BOW Fall 2017.JPG
When you wish for perfect weather for an outside event, you would be wishing for the weather we had at this workshop.....70's for highs and 50's for lows, no rain, no humidity. Very enjoyable weather! And what a wonderful group of participants and instructors .....happy, positive, enthusiastic, and motivated. It was a pleasure to be a part of this workshop. I have received many emails from participants stating how much they enjoyed this workshop.....especially the instructors who obviously made quite an impression on the participants. High fives all around! Looking foward to 2018 and more BOW!





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