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Champaign and Vermilion County Schools Tops in Youth Archery Tournament

Chris Young
Champaign and Vermilion County Schools Tops in Youth Archery Tournament
IDNR Hosts Tournament That Draws Hundreds of Young Archers to Springfield
SPRINGFIELD � The Illinois Department of Natural Resources hosted the National Archery in the Schools Program State Tournament March 22 in Springfield. More than 870 young men and women competed in the day-long event held at the Orr Building on the Illinois State Fairgrounds. Schools from Champaign and Vermilion Counties took top honors in the team competition.

Schlarman Academy of Danville took first place in the High School Division. Schlarman Academy recorded a team score of 3,279 to best second place Roberto Clemente High School of Chicago which took second place with 3,250. Armstrong-Potomac High School of Armstrong took third place with a score of 3,200.

Jefferson Middle School of Champaign won the Middle School division and turned in the top overall score of 3,305. GRF Middle School of Georgetown was second with 3,171. Pinckneyville Jr. High took third place with 3,131. Armstrong-Potomac Grade School won the Elementary division with a score of 2,624.

Daniel Weyers of Canton High School had the meet's high score, with a score of 290 of a possible 300. Maddy Brown of Jefferson Middle School had the highest score for a female competitor with 285.

�Promoting youth participation in outdoor sports is one of our top priorities,� said Marc Miller, Director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. �We are gratified to see the continued growth of the archery program and are thrilled to host the state tournament each year.�

Members of the Illinois Archery Association provide invaluable volunteer assistance to help run the state tournament each year. Conservation groups support the program by providing grants to schools to help defray expenses of starting a program.

�Over the past seven years, Illinois Whitetails Unlimited chapters have helped cover startup costs for 35 schools,� said Darel Martin, Field Director for Whitetails Unlimited Inc. �I�m proud that Illinois Chapters of WTU have stepped up help get this great program started throughout the state.�

For more information about the National Archery in the Schools Program in Illinois, e-mail or

General interest photos from the tournament, group pictures of the top school in each division, and headshots of the top male and female finishers are available. E-mail To see photos, visit the IDNR Facebook page:!/pages/Illinois-Department-of-Natural-Resources/101691346567146

Final Results:

High School Division Team:
           School City Score

1. Schlarman Academy Danville 3,279
2. Roberto Clemente High School Chicago 3,250
3. Armstrong-Potomac High School Armstrong 3,200
4. Lewistown Lewistown 3,180
5. Phoenix Military Academy Chicago 3,162
6. GRF High School Georgetown 3,123
7. Canton High School Canton 3,118
8. Centennial High School Champaign 3,056
9. Athens High School Athens 3,028
10. Lewistown Lewistown 2,967
11. Lane Tech College Prep Chicago 2,919
12. Cuba High School Cuba 2,891
13. Riverton High School Riverton 2,867
14. Pinckneyville High School #101 Pinckneyville 2,812
15. Metamora Township High School Metamora 2,729
16. Oswego High School Oswego 2,486
17. Foreman High School Chicago 2,425
18. Adlai E. Stevenson High School Lincolnshire 2,053

Middle School Division Team:
School City Score
1. Jefferson Middle School Champaign 3,305
2. GRF Middle School Georgetown 3,171
3. Pinckneyville Jr. High Pinckneyville 3,131
4. Schlarman Academy Danville 3,085
5. Canton Ingersoll Middle School Canton 3,060
6. Lewistown Lewistown 3,005
7. Jefferson Middle School Champaign 2,987
8. Evansville Attendance Center Evansville 2,845
9. GRF Middle School Georgetown 2,748
10. Jefferson Middle School Champaign 2,704
11. Canton Ingersoll Middle School Canton 2,672
12. Lewistown Lewistown 2,661
13. Highland Middle School Highland 2,589
14. GRF Middle School Georgetown 2,550
15. Ewing Grade School Ewing 2,504
16. Canton Ingersoll Middle School Canton 2,185
17. Washington Middle School Springfield 2,180
18. Mark Bills Peoria 2,039

Elementary School Division:

1. Armstrong Potomac Grade School Armstrong 2,624

Individual Standings � Top 5

High School Division (Male):
1. Daniel Weyers Canton High School    290
2. Mikey Gordon Athens High School    285
3. Jesus Cervantes Phoenix Military Academy  280
4. Izcoatl Rodriguiz Roberto Clemente High School 279
5. Connor Goodwin Schlarman Academy 278

High School Division (Female):
1. Nellie Haug Centennial High School 282
2. Margarita Colon Roberto Clemente High School 282
3. Meredith Jackson Centennial High School 278
4. Meredith Black Schlarman Academy 276
5. Gracie Black Schlarman Academy 276

Middle School Division (Male):
1. Nathan Yahnke Jefferson Middle School 282
2. Jacob Rosenbaum Jefferson Middle School 282
3. Luke Miller Jefferson Middle School 280
4. Jordan Koester Pinckneyville Jr. High 280
5. Zack Dawson GRF Middle School 277

Middle School Division (Female):
1. Maddy Brown Jefferson Middle School 285
2. Lauryn Henry Jefferson Middle School 278
3. Hunter Howard GRF Middle School 274
4. Isabelle Peters Schlarman Academy 273
5. Victoria Kindretenko Jefferson Middle School 273

Elementary School Division (Male):
1. Mason McMasters Armstrong-Potomac 273
2. Marshall Horton Armstrong-Potomac 257
3. Rance Bryant Schlarman Academy 250
4. Brock Burrows Lewistown 248
5. Seth Bennett Schlarman Academy 240

Elementary School Division (Female):
1. Emma Jameson Armstrong-Potomac 242
2. Ersie Cooper Armstrong-Potomac 235
3. Nadia Ludwig Schlarman Academy 230
4. Madison McMasters Schlarman Academy 226
5. Casey Grant Armstrong-Potomac 226
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