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  1. Illinois DNR
  2. Licenses, Permits and Registrations

Fishing Licenses

NameFeeAvailable OnlineAvailable thru VendorsPaper Application Available
Resident Commercial Fishing Device License/Tags  Vendor ListPaper
Resident Commercial Roe Dealer License$500.50OnlineVendor List 
Resident Commercial Roe Harvester License$250.00   
Resident Fishing License$15.00OnlineVendor List 
Resident Initial Commercial Fishing License$60.50OnlineVendor List 
Resident Lifetime Fishing License$435.00  Paper
Resident Lifetime Sportsmen's Combination Hunting/Fishing License$765.00  Paper
Resident Mussel Dealer License$300.50OnlineVendor List 
Resident Only Commercial Mussel License$50.50OnlineVendor List 
Resident Retail Aquatic Life Dealer License$10.50OnlineVendor List 
Resident Retail Minnow Dealer License$5.50OnlineVendor List 
Resident Senior Fishing License$7.75OnlineVendor List 
Resident Senior Sportsmen's Combination Hunting/Fishing License$13.50OnlineVendor List 
Resident Sport Fishing License (24 hour)$5.50OnlineVendor List 
Resident Sportsmen's Combination Hunting/Fishing License$26.25OnlineVendor List 
Resident Super Senior Fishing License$1.50OnlineVendor List 
Resident Super Senior Inland Trout Stamp$0.50OnlineVendor List 
Resident Super Senior Lake Michigan Salmon Stamp$0.50OnlineVendor List 
Resident Super Senior Sportsman Combo Hunting and Fishing License$2.75OnlineVendor List 
Resident Veteran Fishing License (Prior Certification Required)$7.75OnlineVendor List 
Resident Veteran Sportsmen's Combination Hunting/Fishing License (Prior Certification Required)$13.50OnlineVendor List 
Resident Wholesale Aquatic Life Dealer License$50.50OnlineVendor List 
Resident Wholesale Minnow Dealer License$25.50OnlineVendor List 
Non-Resident Aquatic Life Dealer License$100.75OnlineVendor List 
Non-Resident Commercial Fishing Device License/Tags  Vendor ListPaper
Non-Resident Commercial Roe Dealer License$1,500.50OnlineVendor List 
Non-Resident Commercial Roe Harvester License$3,500.00   
Non-Resident Fishing License$31.50OnlineVendor List 
Non-Resident Fishing License (3 day)$15.50OnlineVendor List 
Non-Resident Initial Commercial Fishing License$300.50OnlineVendor List 
Non-Resident Mussel Dealer License$2,500.75OnlineVendor List 
Non-Resident Sport Fishing License (24 hour)$10.50OnlineVendor List 
Inland Trout Stamp$6.50OnlineVendor List 
Interstate Minnow Dealer License$500.00  Paper
Lake Michigan Salmon Stamp$6.50OnlineVendor List