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Turkey Hunting

Wild turkeys were abundant in Illinois prior to European settlement. During the 1800s, unregulated hunting and the extensive clearing of forests were the beginning of the decline of the species. The state legislature closed the state to wild turkey hunting in 1903, in an effort to preserve the remaining populations. It was too little too late, and by 1910 wild turkeys had been eliminated from Illinois.

Remaining forests and woodlands in the southern and western part of Illinois that were too rough for agriculture gave hope for turkey reintroduction in our state. Beginning in 1959, wild-trapped turkeys were obtained from other states to begin our stocking efforts. From the 1970s through the year 2003, Illinois trapped wild turkeys from areas where they were thriving and transplanted them to suitable habitat that had not yet been re-colonized.

Illinois now has wild turkeys throughout the state where habitat is suitable. Harvests by hunters are now reaching their peak numbers, and habitat improvement projects are underway to continue to insure the long term survival of this proud symbol of Illinois' forests and woodlands. The remarkable return of the wild turkey in Illinois during these last 50 years has been accompanied by renewed interest in this incredible bird. Each year new turkey hunters enter the woodlands and fields with hope of bagging one of the most prized North American game birds. Veteran hunters continue to participate in the challenge and tradition of turkey hunting while introducing new hunters to this exciting recreational opportunity.

Information in this section covers spring and fall season dates, permits and regulations, as well as many other topics to help you hunt safely and successfully.

Spring Turkey Hunters Please Note: The application deadline for all property-only applications for Spring Turkey (both renewal and first time) is February 27, 2016.