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Henry Allen Gleason State Natural Area

2017-2018 Season


Location: Located in Mason County adjacent to the Sand Ridge State Forest. The site is bounded on the east and north by Sand Ridge State Forest and on the west and south by private land. To access the state natural area, travel north 4 miles on Mason County Road 2800E from US 136 to Forest City, Illinois. At the intersection, turn west on Mason County Highway #20 and go 5 miles to Mason County Road 2300E. Turn north on 2300E and go approximately 2 miles to a signed parking lot on the west side of the road. A fire lane leads west out of the parking lot about 1/8 mile to the state natural area.
Description: Henry Allan Gleason State Natural Area is 120 acres in size. Cover is primarily warm season grass and low growing woody shrubs interspersed with American Plum and Blackjack Oak thickets. Topography is that of a 60 foot sand hill or dune with several blowouts (open bare sand areas). Soils are all sand, and there are no open water areas on the site.







 Deer (Archery)



 Windshield card

 Deer (Firearm)



 Windshield card



Whitetail deer are the only species open to hunting. Firearm deer hunting permits are procured through random drawing, applications available at; click on hunting/trapping icon. Archery deer hunting applications are by statewide permit available at or a licensed vendor. All hunters are required to register for a Hunter Windshield Card on internet web page Sand Ridge State Forest is in the drop down box for Region 4. Each hunter must register for a free site hunter windshield card prior to hunting. Windshield cards must be posted and visible from outside of vehicles. Harvest must be recorded on the same web page by February 15th of each year. Deer stand or ground blinds must be removed at the end of each day’s hunt.

Public notice of prescribed fire will be posted at the site directing the public to contact the Sand Ridge State Forest office (309) 597-2212 for specific dates as to when the site will be closed for prescribed burning. Prior to igniting any prescribed fire a horn will sound 3 times to notify any person within the burn unit they must exit the area within 45 minutes. A second horn will sound 3 times 15 minutes after the first, indicating 30 minutes to exit area. In addition, notification to the public will be reflected in handouts, hunter fact sheet, hunter windshield card sign-up page, Sand Ridge State Forest web page, and Sand Ridge telephone answering machine.

For further information, contact Sand Ridge State Forest, PO Box 111, Forest City, IL 61532, phone 309-597-2212 or go online at

Equal opportunity to participate in programs of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and those funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other agencies is available to all individuals regardless of race, sex, national origin, disability, age, religion, or other non-merit factors. If you believe you have been discriminated against, contact the funding source’s civil rights office and/or the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, IDNR, One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, IL 62702; (217)785-0067; TTY (217)782-9175.