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Pollinator Score Card

Yellow and Black butterfly on pink flowers of swamp milkweed

Bees, butterflies, and other insects that pollinate many plant species are disappearing at an alarming rate. Some species such as the Rusty Patch Bumble Bee have been put on the endangered species list. Others like the Monarch Butterfly are at risk of being put on the list. Planting pollinator friendly habitat is the best way to help these species that pollinate the plants we rely on for food and other materials. On solar sites there is a lot of available space that can provide habitat for pollinators and other wildlife rather than being planted to tuff grass or covered in rock. For a solar site to claim to be pollinator friendly according to the Illinois Pollinator Friendly Solar Site Act (525 ILCS 55/), the owner or manager must first complete the appropriate pollinator friendly solar site score card.


  1. For established pollinator habitat plantings, skip to step 3.
    For planning pollinator habitat plantings, download the Solar Site Pollinator Establishment Guidelines and the Illinois Solar Site Pollinator Habitat Planning Form to help create a plan to establish pollinator friendly habitat on a solar site.
  2. Use the score from the Illinois Solar Site Pollinator Habitat Planning Form to complete the Online Illinois Solar Site Pollinator Habitat Planning Form
  3. For established pollinator habitat plantings (3yrs or older), complete the Illinois Established Pollinator Habitat on Solar Sites Scorecard to maintain recondition as a Pollinator Friendly Solar Site. Must be completed after the first 3 three years then every 5 years. 
 (525 ILCS 10) Illinois Exotic Weed Act
 Illinois Exotic Weeds List
 (505 ILCS 100) Illinois Noxious Weed Law
 U of I Extension Noxious Weeds List
 Undesirable Species for Pollinator Habitat
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