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Endangered and Threatened Species Educational Permit

Educational Permit to Possess

Persons wishing to utilize specimens or products of endangered or threatened animals or federal endangered plants in an educational program must apply for a permit for educational purposes. Permits for educational purposes will be issued only to institutions (e.g., schools, museums, zoos) or to individuals employed and/or sponsored by such an institution. Applicants must provide:

  • an outline of the educational program to be presented. Every educational program shall include information on the endangered or threatened status of the specimens being displayed and an explanation of the legal acquisition of the specimens;

  • a list of all similar programs conducted by the applicant during the two years preceding the application for an educational permit, including estimates of the number of persons attending each presentation;

  • a statement as to how the possession of the specimens or products of endangered or threatened animals or federal endangered plants by the applicant will enhance the welfare of the species involved; (program promotes survival of spp and habitat, program promotes ecological needs of natural pop, program promotes understanding of role of spp in environ);

  • a description, including photographs, of the facilities intended for use in holding the endangered or threatened species (see facilities standards); and

  • a verified statement that any specimens to be used in the educational program will be obtained legally

    Application for permit for possession of endangered and threatened species.

Additional Permit Information

Additional permit information that may be applicable to educational permits can be found here.