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Illinois Wildlife Action Plan


The Illinois Wildlife Action Plan benefits the health of wildlife and people; enhances our quality of life; fulfills our responsibilities to conserve wildlife and the places they live for our children; and, provides a cost effective investment by protecting species before they become critically rare, which strengthens our state economy. Important services of the plan include:
  • Conservation of wildlife and habitat, thereby protecting clean water and air-making both wildlife and people healthier;
  • Identification and prevention of problems before they threaten wildlife and affect humans, as wildlife often are early indicators of disease and pollution;
  • Conservation of wildlife and natural places that bring peace and relaxation to our busy lives, and are important to many of our family traditions;
  • An outline of actions developed by scientists, sportsmen, conservationists and members of the community working together;
  • Documentation of the importance of non-consumptive wildlife recreation activities, which are enjoyed by more than 2.6 million Illinoisans, have an annual economic impact of about $1.3 billion and support more than 13,000 jobs.