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  1. Illinois DNR
  2. Conservation
  3. Illinois Wildlife Action Plan

Team Members

Organization Last Name First Email Organizational Website
Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts Nichols Richard
Chicago Wilderness Derby Abigail
Ducks Unlimited Schenck Eric
Farmland and Prairie Campaign, and The Wildlife Society McTaggert Stan
Forest and Woodlands Campaign Garver           Luke
Green Cities Campaign  Williamson Nancy

IDNR Herkert James
IDNR - Action Team Chair Marc Miller
IDNR  IL Wildlife Action Plan Coordinator Renn James
IL Federation for Outdoor Resources McFarlane Jim
IL Federation for Outdoor Resources Seten Joe
IL Audubon Clay Tom
IL Chapter of American Fisheries Society Thomas Trent
IL Dept of Agriculture Chard Steve
IL Dept of Transportation
IL Endangered Species Board Mankowski Anne
IL EPA Good Gregg
IL Farm Bureau Lurkins Lauren
IL Forestry Development Council Little Dick
IL Natural History Survey Anderson Brian 
IL Nature Preserves Commission Heidorn Randy
IL NRCS Barickman Gene
IL USDA Diebal Jamie
Invasives Campaign Evans Chris
National Wild Turkey Federation
Pheasants Forever Kuehl Aaron
Prairie Rivers Brinkman Elliot
Quail Unlimited Org Gajewski Mel
Sierra Club Darin Jack
Streams Campaign Holtrop Ann
The Nature Conservancy Walk Jeff
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Plumley Marshall
US Fish & Wildlife Service Redmer Mike
US Forest Service Lechner Matthew
Wetlands Campaign Smith Randy