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  1. Illinois DNR
  2. Conservation
  3. Illinois Wildlife Action Plan

Streams State Wildlife Grant Projects

  1. Ecological Classification of Rivers for Environmental Assessment and Management: Stream Attribution and Model Preparatios (T-03-P1)
  2. Cache River Watershed Ecosystem Restoration, Union, Johnson, Alexander, and Pulaski Counties in Illinois (T-11-P1)
  3. Illinois Statewide Mussel Database: Enhancement and Maintenance (T-12-P1)
  4. Evaluating Water Temperature, Habitat and Fish Communities in Candidate Coolwater Streams in Illinois (T-13-P1)
  5. Evaluation and Genetic Screening of Illinois Populations of the State Threatened Redspotted Sunfish (Lepomis miniatus) to Determine Feasibility for Reintroduction Efforts (T-14-P1)
  6. Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling and Analysis for the Cache River for the Purposes of Evaluating Current Conditions and Alternative Restoration Measures (T-18-P1)
  7. Illinois Important Bird Areas (T-19-P1)
  8. Evaluating Streams in Illinois Based on Aquatic Biodiversity (T-20-P1)
  9. Developing a Multimetric Habitat Index for Wadeable Streams in Illinois (T-25-P1)
  10. Raccoon Creek Restoration and Reconnection (T-33-D1)
  11. Status Survey and Management Implications of the Harlequin Darter and Eastern Sand Darter in Southeastern Illinois (T-37-P1) 
  12. Kickapoo Creek Restoration Project - Phase I (T-46-D1)
  13. The Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Sensitive Aquatic Species (T-50-D1)
  14. Demonstrating the Benefits of In-stream Restoration to Riparian Wildlife in the Cache River Basin (T-51-D1)
  15. Investigating Mussel Communities in Illinois Streams (T-53-D1)
  16. Developing a Propagation Technique for Native Illinois River CWCP Mussels (T-54-D1)
  17. Redspotted Sunfish (Lepomis miniatus) Reintroduction to Illinois Sites of Historical Distribution (T-58-D1)
  18. Demonstrating the Benefits of Stream Restoration to Aquatic Communities in the Cache River Basin (T-66-R1)
  19. Large Scale Restoration along the Pecatonica River in Northern Illinois (T-67-D1)​
  20. Status Revision and Update for Illinois' Fish Species in Greatest Need of Conservation (T-68-R1)
  21. ​Apple River Canyon State Park through Lands Acquisition (T-70-P1)
  22. Lower Apple River INAI Mussel Site Protection & Restoration Project (T-73-P1)​
  23. Kickapoo Creek Stream Restoration Project - Phase III (T-74-D1)
  24. Hierarchical Framework for Wadeable Stream Management & Conservation (T-75-R1)
  25. Strategic Regional Coordination and Implementation for Southern Illinois Conservation Opportunity Areas (COAs) and Streams and Forest Campaigns, as delineated in the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan (WAP) (T-80-D1)
  26. Defining Expectations for Mussel Communities in Illinois Wadeable Streams (T-82-R1)
  27. Assessing Vulnerability of Coolwater Habitats in Illinois Wadeable Streams (T-83-R1)
  28. Biological Assessment for the Danville Dam and Ellsworth Park Dam Removal Projects (T-86-R1)​
  29. Ecology of the Smooth Softshell in the Kaskaskia River: Implications for Managing Flows in an Altered System (T-87-D1)
  30. Review and Update of Non-mollusk Invertebrate Species in Greatest Need of Conservation (T-88-R1)​
  31. Threats Analysis and Conservation Actions for the Illinois Cave Amphipod: Vulnerability Assessment of Groundwater Quality Land Use and Climate Change Impacts (T-93-R1)
  32. Identifying Regional Priority Areas for Focusing Conservation Actions in Streams and Grasslands (T-94-R1)
  33. Technical Guidance on Partnership Structure and Communication Strategy to Support IWAP Implementation (T-95-R1)
  34. Conservation Guidance for Species in Greatest Need of Conservation (SGNC) (T-96-R1)
  35. Revision and Update of the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan's Streams Campaign (T-97-R1)
  36. Development of Restoration Criteria for Freshwater Mussel Species in Greatest Need of Conservation (T-99-R1)
  37. Assessing the Status of Potential Illinois Endangered and Threatened Fish Species (T-106-R1)
  38. Assessing Population Viability and Habitat Preference of River Redhorse and Eastern Sand Darter in Illinois Running Waters (T-110-R1)
  39. Critical Conservation Issues and Adaptive Management of Imperiled Herpetofauna in Illinois (T-113-R1)
  40. Monitoring Ecological Responses to Partial Hydrologic Reconnection of the Cache River (T-114-R1)
  41. Effectiveness of Illinois' Protected Lands Network at Supporting SGCN and Their Habitats (T-115-R1)​
  42. Conservation Actions for Dragonfly, Fish, and Reptile Species in Greatest Conservation Need (T-118-R1)
  43. Conservation Status of Watch-list EPT Species (T-121-R1)​