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State Wildlife Grants


Project Number Report Title
T-02-P1 Development of Illinois Wildlife habitat Conservation Plan information Systems
T-03-P1 Statewide Wildlife Conservation Plan and Strategy Data System
T-04-L1 Acquisition of Grassland Habitat at Prairie Ridge State Natural Area
T-05-M1 Bitmap Public Land Native Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project
T-06-L1 Shrubland Wildlife Habitat Restoration by Land Acquisition
T-07-L1 Lake County Fire Equipment and Training
T-08-P1 Realty Policy and Procedure Manual
T-09-P1 Information Management for Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
T-10-P1 Habitat Enhancement Monitoring and Management for Conservation Priority Species
T-11-P1 Cache River Restoration Union, Johnson, Alexander, & Pulaski Cos
T-12-P1 DeWalt Cummings Mussel Database Project
T-13-P1 Illinois Cool Water Streams Habitat
T-14-P1 Red Spotted Sun Fish Project
T-15-P1 Bitmap ORC Wildlife Planning Tracking System
T-16-P1 Evaluation of Non-Game Bird Conservation in Illinois
T-17-P1 Enhance & Integrate ORC Information Systems in Support of Wildlife Plan
T-18-P1 Hydrology / Hydraulic Modeling Analysis of Cache River
T-19-P1 Illinois Important Bird Areas
T-20-P1 Evaluating Illinois Streams Based on Aquatic Biodiversity
T-21-P1 Ecology of Red Squirrels in Illinois
T-22-P1 Restoring Pond-Breeding Amphibian Community in WWNP
T-23-P1 Critical habitat for Massasauga
T-24-P1 Effects of Off-Channel Wetland Restoration on Breeding Bird Communities
T-25-P1 Developing a Multi-metric Habitat Index for Wadeable Streams in Illinois - Phase II
T-26-D1 Open Grasslands, Shawnee National Forest.
T-27-D1 Robert Allerton Park Pond Restoration and State Listed Fish Refuge
T-28-M1 Public Land Native Wildlife Habitat Project
T-29-D1 Boone County Conservation District, Distillery Conservation Area, Henslows Sparrow Habitat
T-30-P1 Peregrine Falcon Reintroduction in Southern Illinois
T-31-D1 Establishment of historic communities to restored Illinois River floodplain lakes
T-32-P1 Survey of Land Snail Diversity Across Multiple Habitat Types in Southern Illinois
T-33-D1 Raccoon Creek Restoration and Reconnection
T-34-R1 Hennepin and Hopper Lakes Wetland Restoration and Research Project
T-35-P1 A Plan for the Recovery of the Endangered Common Barn Owl (Tyto alba) in Illinois.
T-36-P1 Interrelationships of grassland birds with sand prairie plants and insects
T-37-P1 Status Survey and Management Implications of the Harlequin Darter and Eastern Sand Darter in SE Illinois
T-38-P1 Historical Occurrence and Present Status of Illinois Insect Species in Greatest Need of Conservation
T-39-D1 Recovery of the Blanding's Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) at Spring Bluff Nature Preserve, Lake County Forest Preserves
T-40-R1 Utility of Anuran Call-survey Data for Estimating Occupancy, Abundance, and Reproductive Success in the Cache River Basin.
T-41-R1 Siloam Springs / Buckhorn macrosite private lands habitat expansion and improvement project
T-42-R1 Strategies for recovery of an amphibian and a reptile inhabiting sand areas in Mason and Tazewell Counties
T-43-D1 Hill Prairie/Bluff Habitat Restoration
T-44-D1 Wapello Land & Water Reserve Habitat Restoration
T-45-D1 Illinois Chorus Frog and Wetland Mitigation: What has worked
T-46-D1 Kickapoo Creek Restoration Project Phase 1
T-47-D1 Large-scale Grassland Bird Habitat Creation Project, Forest Preserve District- Kane County Plato Township
T-48-D1 Survey of the distribution, size, and development of canebrakes in Southern Illinois
T-49-D1 Southeastern Illinois Prescribed Burn Initiative
T-50-D1 The Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Sensitive Aquatic Species
T-51-D1 Demonstrate potential positive influences of rock weirs in the upper Cache River to insectivorous predators, specifically birds.
T-52-D1 Updating the National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) for the State of Illinois
T-53-D1 Investigating Mussel Communities in Wadeable Illinois Streams
T-54-D1 Developing a Propagation Technique for Native Illinois River CWCP Mussels
T-55-P1 Illinois Conservation Opportunity Areas: Coordination and Planning in Support of the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan
T-56-R1 Survey for the pathogen, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, in Illinois.
T-57-D1 Model Wildlife Action Plan Implementation through IBA Conservation Actions in Chicago Wilderness.
T-58-D1 Redspotted Sunfish (Lepomis miniatus) reintroduction to Illinois sites of historical distribution
T-60-D1 State Wildlife Action Plan: Development and Expansion Needs of Existing Information Systems
T-61-M1 Sand Community Restoration in the Kankakee Sands COA
T-62-D1 Habitat Conservation Initiative for the Illinois Chorus Frog (Pseudacris streckeri illinoensis): Phase I
T-63-P1 Expansion of the IDNR [OMLP] Owned, Managed, and Leased Properties Database
T-64-D1 Farm Bill biologists B Grand Prairie and Southern Till Plain Grassland Wildlife Ventures
T-65-L1 Hill Prairie -forested land protection-stewardship-land acquisition - Clifftop Org
T-66-R1 Demonstrating benefits of stream reconnection to aquatic communities in Cache R. basin
T-67-D1 Large scale restoration - Pecatonica River
T-68-R1 IL WAP = Species in Greatest Need of Conservation Fish status
T-69-D1 Healthy forests,woodlands, waters in IL /Kaskaskia Rivers
T-70-L1 Acquisition of addition to the Apple River Canyon SP (Wiley tract)
T-71-R1 The Effects of Bottomland Forest Restoration on the Breeding Bird Community in the Cache R. Watershed
T-73-L1 Lower Apple River INAI Mussel Site Protection & Restortion Project
T-74-D1 Kickapoo Crk Restoration Project
T-75-R1 Heirarchical Framework for Wadeable Stream Management & Conservation
T-76-D1 Public Lands Habitat & Stewardship (14)
T-77-D1 Conservation Actions to address Invasive Species threats in the Cache R. & Shawnee COA's
T-78-R1 White Nose Syndrome & Illinois Bat Populations: Biology & Monitoring
T-79-M1 S. IL. Prescribed Fire Resources for Natural Area Management (9)
T-80-D1 Southern Illinois Conservation Opportunity Area Coordinator
T-81-D1 Statewide Public Lands Native Wetland Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project
T-82-R-1 Defining Expectation for Mussel Communities in Illinois Streams
T-83-R-1 Assessing The vulnerability of coolwater habitats in IL wadeable streams
T-84-D-1 Statewide Public Lands Native Forest Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project
T-85-D-1 Recovery of Greater Prairie Chickens in Illinois
T-86-R-1 Vermilion River basin biological assessment for dam removal
T-87-D-1 Ecology of the Smooth Softshell in the Kaskaskia River: Implications for Managing Flows in an Altered System
T-88-R-1 Review and Update of Non-mollusk Invertebrate Species in Greatest Need of Conservation
T-92-R-1 Insects as Indicators of Habitat Quality
T-93-R-1 Threats Analysis and Conservation Actions for the Illinois Cave Amphipod
T-94-R-1 Identifying Regional Priority Areas for Focusing Conservation Actions
T-95-R-1 Technical Guidance on Partnership Structure and Communication Strategy for SWAP
T-96-R-1 Conservation Guidance for Species in Greatest Need of Conservation (SGNC)
T-97-R-1 Revision and Update of the Illinois Wildlife Action Plans Streams Campaign
T-98-R-1 Grassland Habitat Restoration at Prairie Ridge State Natural Area
T-99-R-1 Development of Restoration Criteria for Freshwater Mussel Species in Greatest Need of Conservation
T-100-D-1 Habitat Enhancement for Nightjars at Stephen A. forbes State Park
T-101-R-1 Status and Distribution Assessment of the Eryngium Stem Borer Moth in Illinois
T-102-R-1 Restoration of King Rail Habitat
T-103-R-1 Survey and Risk Assessment of the Salamander-killing Chytrid Fungus in Illinois
T-104-R-1 Assessing Wellness in Wildlife Herptile Species in Greatest Need of Conservation
T-105-R-1 Assessing the Impact of Invasive Woody Species on Shrubland Birds in Greatest Need of Conservation
T-106-R-1 Assessing Potential Illinois Endangered and Threatened Species
T-107-R-1 Demography, Community Dynamics, and Health of Reintroduced Wood Frog Populations and Resident Amphibian Communities in Restored Ephemeral Wetlands and Oak Woodlands in Lake County, IL


Distribution, Abundance, and Recruitment of Amphibian SGNC from the Vermilion River COA
T-109-R-1 Smooth Green Snake Project
T-110-R-1 Assessing population viability and habitat preference of River Redhorse and Eastern Sand Darter in Illinois running waters


Inventory of Amphibians and Reptiles in the Green River Conservation Opportunity Area
T-112-R-1 Assessment of Herpetological Species in Greatest Need of Conservation (SGNC) in Illinois Bottomland Forests and Swamps
T-114-R-1 Monitoring ecological responses to partial hydrologic reconnection of the Cache River
T-115-D-1 Effectiveness of Illinois’ Protected Lands Network at Supporting SGCN and their Habitats.