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State Wildlife Grants


Project Number ​  Report Title
T-02-P1​ Development​ of Illinois Wildlife habitat Conservation Plan information Systems
T-03-P1 ​Statewide Wildlife Conservation Plan and Strategy Data System
T-04-L1 ​Acquisition of Grassland Habitat at Prairie Ridge State Natural Area
T-05-M1 ​Bitmap Public Land Native Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project
T-06-L1 ​Shrubland Wildlife Habitat Restoration by Land Acquisition
T-07-L1 ​Lake County Fire Equipment and Training
T-08-P1 ​Realty Policy and Procedure Manual
T-09-P1 ​Information Management for Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
T-10-P1 ​Habitat Enhancement Monitoring and Management for Conservation Priority Species
T-11-P1 ​Cache River Restoration Union, Johnson, Alexander, & Pulaski Cos
T-12-P1 ​DeWalt Cummings Mussel Database Project
T-13-P1 ​Illinois Cool Water Streams Habitat
T-14-P1 ​Red Spotted Sun Fish Project
T-15-P1 ​Bitmap ORC Wildlife Planning Tracking System
T-16-P1 ​Evaluation of Non-Game Bird Conservation in Illinois
T-17-P1 ​Enhance & Integrate ORC Information Systems in Support of Wildlife Plan
T-18-P1 ​Hydrology / Hydraulic Modeling Analysis of Cache River
T-19-P1 ​Illinois Important Bird Areas
T-20-P1 ​Evaluating Illinois Streams Based on Aquatic Biodiversity
T-21-P1 ​Ecology of Red Squirrels in Illinois
T-22-P1 ​Restoring Pond-Breeding Amphibian Community in WWNP
T-23-P1 ​Critical habitat for Massasauga
T-24-P1 ​Effects of Off-Channel Wetland Restoration on Breeding Bird Communities
T-25-P1 ​Developing a Multi-metric Habitat Index for Wadeable Streams in Illinois - Phase II
T-26-D1 ​Open Grasslands, Shawnee National Forest.  
T-27-D1 ​Robert Allerton Park Pond Restoration and State Listed Fish Refuge
T-28-M1 ​Public Land Native Wildlife Habitat Project
T-29-D1 ​Boone County Conservation District, Distillery Conservation Area, Henslows Sparrow Habitat
T-30-P1 ​Peregrine Falcon Reintroduction in Southern Illinois
T-31-D1 ​Establishment of historic communities to restored Illinois River floodplain lakes
T-32-P1 ​Survey of Land Snail Diversity Across Multiple Habitat Types in Southern Illinois
T-33-D1 ​Raccoon Creek Restoration and Reconnection
T-34-R1 ​Hennepin and Hopper Lakes Wetland Restoration and Research Project
T-35-P1 ​A Plan for the Recovery of the Endangered Common Barn Owl (Tyto alba) in Illinois. 
T-36-P1 ​Interrelationships of grassland birds with sand prairie plants and insects
T-37-P1 ​Status Survey and Management Implications of the Harlequin Darter and Eastern Sand Darter in SE Illinois
T-38-P1 ​Historical Occurrence and Present Status of Illinois Insect Species in Greatest Need of Conservation
T-39-D1 ​Recovery of the Blanding's Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) at Spring Bluff Nature Preserve, Lake County Forest Preserves
T-40-R1 ​Utility of Anuran Call-survey Data for Estimating Occupancy, Abundance, and Reproductive Success in the Cache River Basin.
T-41-R1 ​Siloam Springs / Buckhorn macrosite private lands habitat expansion and improvement project
T-42-R1 ​Strategies for recovery of an amphibian and a reptile inhabiting sand areas in Mason and Tazewell Counties 
T-43-D1 ​Hill Prairie/Bluff Habitat Restoration
T-44-D1 ​Wapello Land & Water Reserve Habitat Restoration  
T-45-D1 ​Illinois Chorus Frog and Wetland Mitigation: What has worked
T-46-D1 ​Kickapoo Creek Restoration Project  Phase 1
T-47-D1 ​Large-scale Grassland Bird Habitat Creation Project, Forest Preserve District- Kane County  Plato Township
T-48-D1 ​Survey of the distribution, size, and development of canebrakes in Southern Illinois
T-49-D1 ​Southeastern Illinois Prescribed Burn Initiative
T-50-D1 ​The Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Sensitive Aquatic Species
T-51-D1 ​Demonstrate potential positive influences of rock weirs in the upper Cache River to insectivorous predators, specifically birds.
T-52-D1 ​Updating the National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) for the State of Illinois
T-53-D1 ​Investigating Mussel Communities in Wadeable Illinois Streams
T-54-D1 ​Developing a Propagation Technique for Native Illinois River CWCP Mussels 
T-55-P1 ​Illinois Conservation Opportunity Areas: Coordination and Planning in Support of the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan
T-56-R1 ​Survey for the pathogen, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, in Illinois.
T-57-D1 ​Model Wildlife Action Plan Implementation through IBA Conservation Actions in Chicago Wilderness.
T-58-D1 ​Redspotted Sunfish (Lepomis miniatus) reintroduction to Illinois sites of historical distribution
T-60-D1 ​State Wildlife Action Plan: Development and Expansion Needs of Existing Information Systems 
T-61-M1 ​Sand Community Restoration in the Kankakee Sands COA
T-62-D1 ​Habitat Conservation Initiative for the Illinois Chorus Frog (Pseudacris streckeri illinoensis): Phase I
T-63-P1 ​Expansion of the IDNR [OMLP] Owned, Managed, and Leased Properties Database
T-64-D1 ​Farm Bill biologists B Grand Prairie and Southern Till Plain Grassland Wildlife Ventures
T-65-L1 ​Hill Prairie -forested land protection-stewardship-land acquisition - Clifftop Org
T-66-R1 ​Demonstrating benefits of stream reconnection to aquatic communities in Cache R. basin
T-67-D1 ​Large scale restoration - Pecatonica River
T-68-R1 ​IL WAP = Species in Greatest Need of Conservation Fish status      
T-69-D1 ​Healthy forests,woodlands, waters in IL /Kaskaskia Rivers
T-70-L1 ​Acquisition of addition to the Apple River Canyon SP (Wiley tract)   
T-71-R1 ​The Effects of Bottomland Forest Restoration on the Breeding Bird Community in the Cache R. Watershed
T-73-L1 ​Lower Apple River INAI Mussel Site Protection & Restortion Project
T-74-D1 ​Kickapoo Crk Restoration Project
T-75-R1 ​Heirarchical Framework for Wadeable Stream Management & Conservation  
T-76-D1 ​Public Lands Habitat & Stewardship (14)
T-77-D1 ​Conservation Actions to address Invasive Species threats in the Cache R. & Shawnee COA's 
T-78-R1 ​White Nose Syndrome & Illinois Bat Populations: Biology & Monitoring
T-79-M1 ​S. IL. Prescribed Fire Resources for Natural Area Management (9) 
T-80-D1 ​Southern Illinois Conservation Opportunity Area Coordinator   
T-81-D1 ​Statewide Public Lands Native Wetland Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project
T-82-R-1 ​Defining Expectation for Mussel Communities in Illinois Streams
T-83-R-1 ​Assessing The vulnerability of coolwater habitats in IL wadeable streams
T-84-D-1  ​Statewide Public Lands Native Forest Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project
T-85-D-1 ​Recovery of Greater Prairie Chickens in Illinois
T-86-R-1   ​Vermilion River basin biological assessment for dam removal  
T-87-D-1 ​Ecology of the Smooth Softshell in the Kaskaskia River: Implications for Managing Flows in an Altered System
T-88-R-1  ​Review and Update of Non-mollusk Invertebrate Species in Greatest Need of Conservation
T-92-R-1  ​Insects as Indicators of Habitat Quality
T-93-R-1   ​Threats Analysis and Conservation Actions for the Illinois Cave Amphipod  
T-94-R-1    ​Identifying Regional Priority Areas for Focusing Conservation Actions
T-95-R-1 ​Technical Guidance on Partnership Structure and Communication Strategy for SWAP 
T-96-R-1 ​Conservation Guidance for Species in Greatest Need of Conservation (SGNC)
​T-97-R-1 ​Revision and Update of the Illinois Wildlife Action Plans Streams Campaign
T-98-R-1 Grassland Habitat Restoration at Prairie Ridge State Natural Area
T-99-R-1 ​Development of Restoration Criteria for Freshwater Mussel Species in Greatest Need of Conservation
T​-100-D-1​​ Habitat Enhancement for Nightjars at Stephen A. forbes State Park
T-101-R-1 Status and Distribution Assessment of the Eryngium Stem Borer Moth in Illinois

​Restoration of King Rail Habitat

​T-103-R-1 Survey and Risk Assessment of the Salamander-killing Chytrid Fungus in Illinois
​T-104-R-1 ​Assessing Wellness in Wildlife Herptile Species in Greatest Need of Conservation
​T-105-R-1 ​Assessing the Impact of Invasive Woody Species on Shrubland Birds in Greatest Need of Conservation
​T-106-R-1 ​Assessing Potential Illinois Endangered and Threatened Species
​T-107-R-1 ​Demography, Community Dynamics, and Health of Reintroduced Wood Frog Populations and Resident Amphibian Communities in Restored Ephemeral Wetlands and Oak Woodlands in Lake County, IL


​Distribution, Abundance, and Recruitment of Amphibian SGNC from the Vermilion River COA
​T-109-R-1 ​Smooth Green Snake Project
​T-110-R-1 Assessing population viability and habitat preference of River Redhorse and Eastern Sand Darter in Illinois running waters



Inventory of Amphibians and Reptiles in the Green River Conservation Opportunity Area
​T-112-R-1 ​Assessment of Herpetological Species in Greatest Need of Conservation (SGNC) in Illinois Bottomland Forests and Swamps   
​T-114-R-1 ​Monitoring ecological responses to partial hydrologic reconnection of the Cache River
​T-115-D-1 ​Effectiveness of Illinois’ Protected Lands Network at Supporting SGCN and their Habitats.