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Illinois State Wildlife Grant Program 2014

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Office of Resource Conservation (ORC), is responsible for requesting and administering State Wildlife Grants (SWG) to support the updating, monitoring and implementation of Illinois’ Wildlife Action Plan. Annual State Wildlife Grant allocations to each state / territory are apportioned according to the states’ population and land area, and are contingent upon annual appropriations by Congress.

To help ensure that monies are applied to projects that most efficiently and effectively address the needs identified by the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has developed a competitive grant process for the State Wildlife Grants. Projects submitted for funding should address one of the following funding themes:

  • Assessing wildlife health and identifying actions needed to promote wellness in Species in Greatest Need of Conservation
  • Providing demographic or life history information for Illinois Species in Greatest Need of Conservation where limited knowledge exists
  • Implementing conservation actions for Illinois Species in Greatest Need of Conservation that are well documented or part of established plans
  • Inventorying Species in Greatest Need of Conservation or their habitats in Conservation Opportunity Areas
  • Identifying and/or prioritizing conservation actions in priority landscapes
  • Documenting the effects of invasive species on Species in Greatest Need of Conservation

The deadline for submitting pre-proposals is October 24th 2014.

Guidelines for submitting project pre-proposals
Pre-proposal application