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Illinois Wildlife Action Plan 2015-Public Comment

                        COMMENT PERIOD  9/2/15 – 9/18/15. 



In 2005, Illinois DNR and our conservation partners developed a comprehensive strategy to conserve our state’s wildlife and their habitats. The Illinois Wildlife Action Plan (IWAP) was originally developed in 2005 as a requirement from the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) for IDNR eligibility for federal funding through the State Wildlife Grant (SWG) program.

Today the Action Plan serves as a unifying document that incorporates the important work of numerous conservation partners directed at conserving Illinois Species in Greatest Conservation Need and the habitats they rely upon.  For the past two years, IDNR has been working with conservation partners to review and revise the Action Plan.  In order to maintain eligibility for federal funds through the State Wildlife Grant program IDNR must submit a revised Action Plan to the US Fish and Wildlife Service by October 1, 2015. 
The focus of Illinois’ revised plan is on implementation. The revised Campaign sections provide more detail on a subset of the original strategies outlined in the 2005 Plan and have been expanded to better guide on the ground work.  The revised Campaign sections along with a revised list of Species in Greatest Conservation Need will be main components of Illinois’ revised Wildlife Action Plan. 
Revised Campaign Sections
At this time, the Department is seeking comments on the completeness, appropriateness, and feasibility of the revised Campaign sections.  The revised species list will be available for public review and comment later in September.
The Comment Period for Campaign Sections will be open 9/2/15 – 9/18/15. 
We appreciate your comments on the revised Wildlife Action Plan Campaign Sections and the conservation actions included in them.
The following link will take you to a template provided for your comments.  Survey Monkey