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Archery Deer Hunting

The Illinois Recreational Access Program (IRAP) will be accepting applications on July 1st from archery deer hunters for deer hunting sites on private land in several counties throughout Illinois. IRAP leases land from private landowners in exchange for specific hunting rights and to assist the landowner in improving his property with beneficial habitat projects.
Applicants applying for an IRAP archer deer site must complete an application (above) along with the liability waiver and non-hunting adult (if applicable) forms.  Only successful applicants will be notified and instructed as to where their hunting site is located within the county they applicated for and given a site-specific permit allowing them to hunt on the private property.
IRAP archery deer is only for the month of OCTOBER.  Each hunter will have approximately 2 weeks on the site to scout and hunt deer.  Note: A few sites are doe only.

Hunting Period 1 is October 01 - 15, 2018

Hunting Period 2 is October 16 - 31, 2018


County Map

IRAP archery deer hunting is open to any licensed deer hunter. Hunters must abide by all Illinois hunting rules and regulations, and if born in 1980 or after, have completed a hunter safety course.   Youth hunters under the age of eighteen, must have a non-hunting adult accompany them while hunting on any IRAP leased site.