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Illinois Coastal Management Issue Papers

Through responses we received from the original outreach questionnaire and other outreach measures, a listing of specific resource areas and geographic areas were recommended as meriting special attention in developing the ICMP. The IDNR recommended the formation of Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) to seek public input by preparing issue papers with respect to each area identified. Over 100 individuals volunteered to serve on these TAGs providing a broad spectrum of representatives from city/county/and state governments, special interest groups, universities, property owners and interested citizens.

What purpose will the Issue Papers serve in the ICMP?

A major goal of the issue paper will be to identify the specific issues, details and considerations regarding the particular issue or area. The Issue Paper needs to answer "Why it merits special ICMP attention?"

Subpart C - “Special Management Areas” of CFR Part 923 “Coastal Zone Management Program Regulations” outlines specific requirements for management program approvability, including the ability for increased governmental coordination, technical assistance, enhanced public expenditures, or additional public services and maintenance, on these special management areas. This Subpart also defines and provides varying guidelines on “Areas of Particular Concern (APC)”, “Areas for Preservation or Restoration (APR)”, and “Other areas of particular concern.” Thus, the issue papers will help to develop the areas or categories for designation in the program document which will be defined in Chapter 6 of the Program Document.


  • General Description
  • Issues of Concern
  • Management Considerations
  • ICMP Opportunities
  • Existing Authorities
  • Existing Committees
  • References

*The ISSUE PAPERS are only advisory and contain opinions which may or may not be the policy of the IDNR.

Issue papers which have been prepared can be viewed by selecting the specific resource area or geographic area shown below:

Specific Resource Areas meriting special attention:

Specific Geographic Areas meriting special attention: