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Illinois CMP Grants

Request for Competitive Grant Proposals on Pause  

We will be assessing the competitive Coastal Grant program and its priorities, and therefore, will temporarily pause the program. We will not be issuing a request for grant proposals for 2016-17, to allow us the time needed to review and refine the program and improve it, where possible, for our grantees and applicants. Please note, this does not affect any active grants from our program.  The next competitive funding cycle will commence after this assessment is complete. 

With five successful funding cycles behind us, the assessment of our grant program is an important opportunity to gather feedback on the program, and analyze our strengths and weaknesses. We are excited about what lies ahead for the Coastal Management Program and, in particular, the opportunity to continue to work with our grantees to protect and enhance the environmental, economic, and social value of our coast!

​For more information, join our Coastal Funding Opportunities list to receive email updates about our competitive grant program assessment and future funding opportunities. 

Prior communications about the Coastal grants pause can be viewed HERE

2016 RFP Grant Awardees - Large Grant​s​ and Small Grants

2015 RFP Grant Awardees ​​

2014 RFP Grant Awardees

2013 RFP-2 Grant Awardees (Fall)​

2013 RFP-1 Grant Awardees (Summer)

Grants Program Contact:

Lisa Cotner 
Natural Resources Specialist
Phone:  312-814-6414



Mailing Address

Illinois Department of Natural Resources 
Coastal Management Program
160 N LaSalle Street, Suite S-703
Chicago IL 60601
Attn: Coastal Grants Program

Main Office Number:  312-814-1405

Fax:  312-793-5968