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Current Closures of DNR Sites and Areas

This page lists current closures of DNR Sites and Areas, by geographic region.

  1. - Northwestern Illinois
  2. - Northeastern Illinois
  3. - East Central Illinois
  4. - West Central Illinois
  5. - Southern Illinois

Notices are updated on a continuous basis, so please check before you start your trip.

During hunting season, many sites are closed or partially closed to the public. Public should contact the site directly for closure updates and/or winter hours before going to site.



Find a Park by Region

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Region 1 - Northwestern Illinois

    Last updated: 5/18/2017


    • Argyle Lake State Park - The shower building at Argyle Lake State Park is closed to the public until renovation work can be completed.  This is the only shower building in the campground at Argyle Lake. The structure was already undergoing roof replacement but that project is suspended. The condition of the building deteriorated during the winter months, and may pose a safety hazard..
    • Henderson County – Gladstone Lake, also known as Henderson County, is partially open. Facilities that are available: picnic shelter, privies, water, and a partially opened campground (approximately 10 campsites available), and shoreline fishing. Please call Big River State Forest prior to visiting Gladstone Lake – 309-374-2496
    • Hennepin Canal Closures: 
    • The section from Lock 26 to I-80, 4.8 miles, continues to remain "Closed". No repairs have been completed on this portion of the trail. At Lock 27 just to the west of the Aqueduct 8, (Green River), there is a breach in the levee some 75' - 80' wide and 15' - 20' deep. Other portions of this trail segment are not completely washed out, but eroded leaving "drop offs" to the point where in some spots the trail is only 4' - 5' wide.
    • Due to the replacement of the I-80 bridge over the Hennepin Canal (just west of the Visitors Center), this section of trail is temporarily closed.
    • The wells at Lock 21, Lock 22 and Lock 24 are not working; due to budget constraints it is unknown when these will be repaired.  The only potable water available is at the Visitors Center well.
    • Illini State Park -  Sunrise Council, Wildcat Bog, and Ancient Oaks day use areas are closed until further notice. .
    • Jubilee College State Park - The following areas will remain closed:  Turkey Hollow Picnic Shelter
    • LaSalle Lake  -  Opened March 15, 2017 daily, 6:00 a.m. - Sunset.  All fishermen must be off the site by closing time each day.  There is a wind warning system at LaSalle Lake.  Orange  windsocks are located on interior dikes throughout the lake.  When the windsocks are erect, wind speeds are 14 mph or above and no boats are to be launched; boats on the lake should find calm water and get off the lake when safe to do so.
    • Lowden State Park -  Blackhawk Statue is being covered with a tarp for the winter months to keep snow & ice off the statue and, therefore, the public will not be able to view the statue this winter 
    • Marseilles State Fish and Wildlife Area - Closed to hunting and access January 15, 2017.  Reopens for hunting September 1, 2017. Due to the Illinois National Guard's training needs Marseilles State Fish and Wildlife Area will be closed to hunting Wednesday October 19 and Thursday October 20 in addition to Friday, Saturday and Sundays throughout the month of October
    • Marshall State Fish & Wildlife Area - Route 26 from Lacon heading south has been closed due to washouts from the heavy rain.  Therefore, to get to Marshall State Fish & Wildlife Area from Lacon travel on Route 17, take Washburn Road south and turn right on Richland Road.  Richland Road will take you back to Route 26 where you will then be 1 mile north of the Marshall State Fish & Wildlife Area entrance.
    • Mautino State Fish & Wildlife Area - The road into this area is closed until further notice for repairs.   Walk in access is allowed but visiting public should be aware of the large equipment being used to repair road.
    • Morrison Rockwood State Park - The equestrian trails are closed due to wet trail conditions.
    • Pekin Lake – is closed to all vehicle access due to road deterioration, walk-in access is allowed
    • Rock Cut State Park - Olson Beach at Rock Cut State Park will be closed for swimming due to siltation of the lake.  Due to siltation of the lake in recent years, the shallow depth and warmer water temperatures have diminished the water quality.
    • Rock Island Trail – The trail is closed from Mile 13.4 to Mile 13.9. This closure is located approximately 2.5 miles North of Princeville in Peoria County. The trail is closed to all traffic from Wyoming (Mile 20) to the Spoon River bridge (Mile 22) and from mile 22.75 to Mile 23.5; both of these closed areas are between Wyoming and Toulon.  The trail is closed from Streitmatter Road (mile 12.2) to County Line Road (Mile 13.8) between Wyoming and Princeville.    
    • Starved Rock State Park -  Visitors should be aware that if the park reaches maximum capacity (meaning no parking spaces remain), the park may be closed for safety reasons until parking becomes available.  Motorists are reminded not to park along park roads or public highways.  This may prevent emergency vehicles from getting through.  Vehicles parked illegally will be towed at the owner's expense.  Visitors may check for information on park crowds and possible temporary closures as they near the park by tuning to the Starved Rock radio station on 1610 AM; updates are also on the Illinois Department of Natural Resources'  (IDNR) Facebook page and the IDNR Twitter feed @IllinoisDNR
    • Woodford State Fish & Wildlife Area - Closed until further notice due flooding of the Illinois River.

    ​ ​​​

Region 2 - Northeastern Illinois

    Last updated: 5/17/2017
    • Buffalo Rock State Park -  The park is closed due to damage from a tornado that hit the area February 28, 2017.
    • Chain O'Lakes State Park- Closes every year on October 31st  until January 1st for Hunting.
    • Des Plaines State Fish & Wildlife Area –  The trap range is open from January 9th, 2017 thru October 29th, 2017. the trap range will be closed from October 30th, 2017 thru January 7th, 2018.  The Class "C" Campground will be closed indefinitely. 
    • Goose Lake Prairie – Goose Lake Prairie Visitor Center may be closed on weekends due to staffing, please call to verify hours of operation.
    • I&M Canal 
      • The section of trail between Marseilles and Ottawa is closed due to damage from a tornado that occurred on February 28, 2017.
      • The trail is closed due to a structural collapse between Gebhard Woods State Park in Morris east to Calhoun St.  We advise that bikers and walkers use the city streets to "go around the block" to bypass the closure. 
      • The I&M Canal State Trail between the Buffalo Rock Access (west of Ottawa) and Utica is only partially opened. Trail users can only go up to the point of the washout. At that point, they will need to return in the same direction they came. 
    • Kankakee River –   All turkey hunting areas except the actual bike trail itself will be closed to mushroom hunters ans ALL users except KRSP permitted turkey hunters until 1pm daily from April 10th through May 11th, 2017 for the Spring Turkey Hunting Season. The biketrail remains open but users should STAY ON THE TRAIL.
      Potawatomi & Chippewa Campgrounds are closed for the 2017 season due to improvement projects. The visitor center is closed until further notice. Boat launches may intermittently be closed due to high water.  
      Some of the restrooms may be closed due to maintenance issues.  The main park closes at 6:00 PM. Equestrian campground has no water available. Reservations on are highly recommended.
    • Momence Wetlands - The area is closed to mushroom hunters and all users except MW permitted turkey hunters until 1pm daily from April 10th through May 11th, 2017 for Spring Turkey Hunting Season.
    • Silver Springs - The trap range is open from January 16th, 2017 thru October 19th, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to sunset. The only exception is September 19th, 2017 thru September 26th, 2017 the trap range will be closed for National Hunting & Fishing days. From October 20th, 2017 thru January 15th, 2018 the trap range will only be open on Mondays and Tuesdays. The only exception is Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 the trap range will be closed.




Region 3 - East Central Illinois

    Last updated: 5/11/2017
    • Clinton Lake State Recreation Area -  West Side Day Use and Boat Access Areas will be closed from 10:00 pm May 18th through 3:00 pm May 19th for a special event.  The dock at West Side boat access is closed pending repairs. Camping is open year around, water, shower buildings and dump stations are now open for the season.   North Fork fish cleaning station is closed indefinitely. Mascoutin/Main Park fish cleaning station is temporarily closed pending repairs. The beach will be open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day Weekend and Boondocks Grill & Bait Concession is open for the season.
    • Eagle Creek State Park –    The campground, water and showers are now open for the season. The high water rboat ramp is open, no dock is available.  The fish cleaning station is open .  All trails are open. The golf course is open weather and course conditions dictate availability of play.
    • Fox Ridge State Park –   Both the North and South canoe access roads are closed due to flooding.   Due to damage from a fallen tree, the Monkey Bars and Hand Walk Bar are closed on the fitness trail until further notice. Camping, showers, cabins and the brick pavilion are open for the season.
    • Hidden Springs –  Big Tree Trail is closed indefinitely due to a large fallen tree from storm damage. Oak Ridge Hiking trail is closed indefinitely due to a bridge washout. Hickory and Sassafras ponds have re-opened for fishing. Water hydrants and class C camping are open for the season
    • Kickapoo –   All campground loops are open. Kickapoo Adventures Canoe Concession is open weekends only at this time. The restaurant is open weekends until Memorial Day Weekend and then Daily for the Summer. The shower buildings, water hydrants and dump stations are open for the season. Pond 6 area road is closed indefinitely.
    • Lincoln Trail Homestead – The day use access road is open for the season as well as water and restroom facilities.
    • Lincoln Trail State Park - The restaurant/concession is open for the season. Camping and Showers are also for the season. Primitive camping is available year around.
    • Middle Fork SFWA –     The horse trails and campgrounds are open for the season. Water is available. Call ahead for trail and camping conditions prior to visiting 217/442-4915.
    • Moraine View State Recreation Area –  The beach is now closed for the season.  The main and primitive campgrounds are open as well as Tall Timber Group Camp.  The dump station, showers and horseback camp are open. Timber Trails Horse concession and Old Orchard group camp is closed.  Moraine View Restaurant & kayak Rental is now open for bait, soft drinks, kayak and boat rental.  May 27th will be a grand opening of the full menu restaurant with daily hours 7am to 7pm.
    • Shelbyville - Areas closed due to wet conditions, West Okaw area - Bethany Boat Access open at high water access only, Cook's Bridge Access, Depot Road Access, Elder Pond Access, Hand Trap Range Road Access, Oathout Parking Area. Kaskaskia Unit - Andre's Bottom Access, Denham Pit Access, Fishhook Access, Jonathan Creek Boat Access, Lost Pond Access, Old Nelson and Strickland Boat Access and Twin Bridges Road.  All other access areas are open at West Okaw and Kaskaskia Units.
    • Spitler Woods –  The small walk bridge on Exercise Trail is temporarily closed pending repairs.  The park is open to the public for trail access. Shelter reservations dates are available beginning April 1 - October 31 (shelters are closed November 1 through March 31 annually). Water and restroom facilities are open for the season. Twisted Sister Bridge area is currently closed to the public for renovations re-opening TBD.
    • Walnut Point State Park – The concession, camping and shower building are now open for the season.
    • Weldon Springs State Park – The campground is open year around.  The dump station, shower building and all water facilities are open for the season. The concession boat rental and restaurant is currently closed. Black Locust Group Camp is closed until further notice. Beaver Dam Trail is currently closed due to a foot bridge wash out.
    • Wolf Creek State Park – The campground, water and showers are now open for the season.  The boat ramp is open however the boat dock has been damaged by high winds, boaters should use caution in this area pending repairs. The fish cleaning station is temporarily closed for repairs.  The horse camp and trails are closed, weather dependent, conditions are muddy with heavy spring rains.  The Wolf Creek horse concession is closed.  Overlook trail is closed, all other hiking trails are open. The Wolf Creek Beach is closed until Memorial Day Weekend pending lake conditions.
    • ​​

Region 4 - West Central Illinois

    Last updated: 5/19/2017
    • Baldwin Lake - hours are 6:00am to 9:00pm.  The equestrian trails are open for the season.
    • Beaver Dam State Park –  The Restaurant, bait shop and winery will be opening May 1st in the concession building.  Hours Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 11am to 7pm.  Closed on Tuesdays.  Friday - Sunday  6am to 8pm
    • Carlyle Lake WMA -  all parking access to the site is closed due to flood waters, including parking lots 1, 2 & 3.  Cox Bridge boat access and Hitogi Boat access are flooded at this time.  The sub-impoundments are flooded.
    • Eldon Hazlet State Park - the campground, Carlyle Sailing Assoc. facilities and the Hazlet Cottages will re-open at 3:00pm on Friday, May 19th.  Allen Branch Boat ramp area, including the Chippewa and Ottawa areas will remain closed due to continuing high water.  Apache High Water ramp will be open.   The Peppenhorst Boat Ramp is closed. 
    • Fall Creek Rest Area –  Visitors are reminded to take all litter with them.
    • Frank Holten State Park – the following shelters are currently  closed, due to flooding:  Grand Marais West, GM East, The Courts and Northview.  The Lighthouse Restaurant is open for business.  Call (618) 398-9958 for days and hours of operation.
    • Horseshoe Lake State Park (Madison County) - the Bend Road area is closed.  The Campground is closed until further notice 
    • Illinois Caverns – Site is closed due to White Nose Syndrome. Closures will be reviewed quarterly. Complete details has been listed in separate closure notice.
    • Jim Edgar Panther Creek - The equestrian and mountain bike trails are open for the season. The office will be closed on Sundays and Mondays until further notice.   Please call the office for additional trail updates 217-452-7741
    • Kaskaskia River Area - the following boat ramps are closed due to flooding:  Beck's Landing, Joe's, White Swan, Evansville, Camp Creek, New Athens Marina and the Kaskaskia River Lock and Dam. 
    • Mississippi River Area - all outlying areas are closed due to flooding.  Only the Rosedale office remains open.
    • Nauvoo State Park - The dump station and shower house are open for the season.  The museum remains closed at this time.
    • Peabody River King - Goose Lake is closed due to flooding on access roads
    • Pere Marquette State Park –  ​as a result of flooding, the Harbor/ boat ramp and the three Riverside Shelters are closed until further notice.   Park access is only  available Route 3 and  Powerline Road.  Please note that the Equestrian Concessionaire is open weekends only.  The rappelling / rock climbing area has been re-opened.  Please contact the Visitor Center at 618-786-3323 for further updates. The Visitor Center hours of operation are Monday thru Saturday 8:30am - 4:00pm.  Approximately 125 yards of Sam Vadalabene bike trail is closed and barricaded, due to the collapse of a Windsor retaining wall.  The site has been cleaned and debris removed; however, the soil and wall are unstable.  The Campground A shower house is open for the 2017 season.  The shower house will be closed from 7am - 4pm Monday, June 5th - June 7th for some mechanical equipment repairs.  It will be opened nightly after 4pm until 7am the following morning.  . 
    • Sand Ridge State Forest -  All trails and forest facilities are currently open.  Visitors are advised to check prior to arrival regarding forest and trail conditions by calling the site office for daily trail updates after 9am:  309-597-2212.  
    • Sangchris Lake - the Deer Run dump station
    • Sanganois CA - the Main access road into the park is closed; however, boating access into the site is available.
    • Siloam Springs - the Concession area and boat rentals are open for the season.  Horse and hiking trails are closed until 1pm during turkey season.
    • Washington County Conservation Area - all areas are open.
    • Weinberg King - the equestrian trails are open for the season. 



Region 5 - Southern Illinois

    Last updated: 5/17/2017
    • Beall Woods - Tuliptree and the Upland portion of White Oak are open. White Oak Bottomland, Ridgeway, Schneck and Sweet Gum are all currently closed due to high water.
    • Embarras River Bottoms State Habitat Area - is closed due to flooding.
    • Fort Defiance - Fort Defiance is closed until further notice due to rising flood waters.
    • Fort Massac – Belgrade Road from GRCDT to the lower parking lot in the park is currently closed due to high water. It will be opened back up when the water has subsided. The Ohio boat ramp is also closed. The lower road from the Visitors Center to the boat ramp is also closed. The 1802 American Fort will be closed to the public until further notice.
    • Golconda Marina –  Rauchfuss Hill is currently closed.
    • Horseshoe Lake - Horseshoe Lake is currently closed until further notice due to flooding.
    • Lake Murphysboro State Park/Lake Kinkaid - The spillway area is currently closed until flood waters subside.
    • Newton Lake – The mountain bike trail is closed indefinitely due to washed out areas.​ 
    • Red Hills State Park - The Trace Inn is currently closed.
    • Stephen A Forbes - The Beach has closed for the season. It will re-open around Memorial Day 2017. The Equestrian Camp and Horse Trails are closed and will reopen around May 13th, depending on weather.
    • Trail of Tears State Forest - Public Horse Trails are currently closed until further notice due to flooding.
    • Tunnel Hill State Trail - The Trail is usable with caution; there are several 6 - 12 inch deep washouts, primarily between Tunnel Hill and New Burnside.