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Informational Public Meeting on Lake Michigan Fishery

7:00 PM
The Illinois Department of Natural Resources would like to invite you to an informational public meeting on our Lake Michigan fishery.  Topics of discussion for this meeting will be the status of yellow perch, changes to the Lake Michigan salmon stocking strategy, and changes to black bass regulations in the Illinois waters of Lake Michigan.

The abundance of yellow perch declined throughout the lake in the mid-1990s due to poor survival of juvenile perch after 1988. A coordinated program of assessment and research has continued lakewide since 1997 to monitor changes in the population and investigate the factors contributing to the perch decline.  We will provide updates on the current status of the yellow perch population in the Illinois portion of the lake.

Increases in natural reproduction of Chinook salmon, and declines in the abundance of alewife and overall productivity of the system required management changes to maintain the predator-prey balance.  Fisheries management agencies met with constituents over the past year and a lakewide public meeting was held in April 2012.  Information will be provided on the 2013 changes to salmon stocking and  future management strategies.

The black bass catch and release regulations and 1 fish over 21 inches were driven by public input and intended to increase the size and number of black bass in Lake Michigan.  The mean size of fish has not increased over the past decade and abundance has actually declined slightly.  New proposed regulations would match other Lake Michigan states.

So, please join us and your fellow constituents on November 15, 2012 in Des Plaines.  Time will be reserved after the presentations for questions and open discussions of mutual matters of concern.  We hope to see you there.

NOTE: Due to building security procedures, please park on the south side of the building and enter through the south doors.
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