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Ancient Earthworks of Ohio - 2014 Archaeology, History, & Natural History Bus Trip

10/9/2014 10/11/2014
7:00 am Thursday, October 9 - 8:00 pm Saturday, October 11
Dr. Michael Wiant, Director of Dickson Mounds Museum will be the study leader for the trip. Join us as we discover the mysteries of the prehistoric mound builders in southern and central Ohio. Site interpreters and museum curators will provide insight into the age, construction, and use of these silent witnesses to the past. Enjoy museums with exceptional exhibits on American Indians and dine in Ohio�s oldest inn, as we explore the beautiful rolling hills encompassing the gateway to this region�s rich historic past.
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Event Type: 
History; Museum Event
DNR Region(s): 
Illinois State Museum Research & Collections Center
DNR Park: 
1011 East Ash Street
City, State ZIP: 
Springfield IL 62703
Contact person/email: 
Nina Walthall /
217-782-0061 /  
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