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  1. Illinois DNR
  2. Administrative Rules

Administrative Rules (Adopted)




Illinois' Adopted Administrative Rules pertinent to Natural Resources are listed below by major and minor category.
  • To display individual rules, click the + sign next to the minor category.
  • To collapse the minor category, click the - sign.
  • For Proposed (including Emergency) Rules, please go to the Proposed Rules page.
  • For Illinois Compiled Statutes, please go to the ILCS website.

 Governmental Organization

expand Governmental Organization
02-826Freedom of Information

 Discrimination Procedures

expand Discrimination Procedures


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 State Museum

expand State Museum
23-3210Illinois State Museum

 Mines and Minerals

expand Abandoned Mined Lands (AML)
62-2501Abandoned Mined Lands Reclamation
expand Explosives and Aggregates
62-300Surfaced Mined Land Conservation and Reclamation Act
expand Land Reclamation
62-1701General Definitions
62-1705Restrictions on Financial Interests of State Employees
62-1762Criteria for Designating Areas as Unsuitable for Surface Coal Mining Operations
62-1772Requirements for Coal Exploration
62-1774Revision, Renewal; and Transfer, Assignment or Sale of Permit Rights
62-1778Permit Applications-Minimum Requirements for Legal, Financial, Compliance and Related Information
62-1780Surface Mining Permit Applications-Minimum Requirements for Reclamation and Operation Plan
62-1784Underground Mining Permit Applications-Minimum Requirements for Reclamation and Operation Plan
62-1795Small Operator Assistance
62-1810Permanent Program Performance Standards - General Provisions
62-1816Permanent Program Performance Standards - Surface Mining Activities
62-1819Special Permanent Program Performance Standards-Auger Mining
62-1824Special Permanent Program Performance Standards-Mountaintop Removal
62-1827Special Permanent Program Performance Standards-Coal Preparation Plants Not Located Within the Permit Area of a Mine
62-1840Department Inspections
62-1845Civil Penalties
62-1847Administrative and Judicial Review
62-1850Training, Examination and Certification of Blasters
expand Mine Safety and Training
62-140The Coal Mining Act
62-220Surface Installation Health and Safety
62-230Procedure for Conducting Examinations of Persons Seeking Certificates of Competency
expand Oil and Gas
44-610Plugging and Restoration Contracts
62-245Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act