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  1. Illinois DNR
  2. Water Resources

Water Resources Publications


GIS Maps


Interactive Maps


Engineering Reports







Illinois Lake Michigan Water Conservation Goals and Objectives 2010



River Stages In Illinois: Flood and Damage Data, 2009 Edition



Lake Michigan Water Allocation


Proposed Lake Michigan Water Allocation Rules (3730) Change





2010 Water Rate Survey



2005 Water Rate Survey



2009 Report Summary Table



2010 Report Summary Table



2011 LMO-2 Report Summary Table (PDF)



Administrative Rule, Chapter 1, Sec 3730 Allocation of Water from Lake Michigan



Lake Michigan Water Conservation Goals and Objectives 2010



Lake Michigan Water Allocation Newsletter, 2012 Edition



Water Conservation and Efficiency Program




Comments received after the May 2013 public meetings (Rule 3730 Change)



Stratton and Algonquin Dams




Operation of Stratton and Algonquin Dams January 2012 (PDF)





Alternative Selection for Gates and Lock Presentation (PDF)






Office of Water Resources Permit Application Forms and Information

Bartlett Permit Applications 2017 




Water Supply


  • The Drought of 2012 (8 MB)
  • St Illinois Drought Plan 2011 (2 MB)
  • January 2015 action Plan for Statewide Water Supply Planning (657 KB)

Floodplain Publications




Quick Guide to Floodplain Management (PDF)



Illinois Local Floodplain Administrators Manual (Blue book) (PDF)



North Eastern IL Local Floodplain Administrators Manual (Green book) (PDF)



Protecting Your Home And Property From Flood Damage, August 2008 (PDF)



Our Community & Flooding (PDF)

Floodplain Management Resource Guide for Illinois Communities, April 2009 (PDF)





IDNR Flood Hazard Mitigation Program ( PDF )






Hydrology/Flow Approval Checklist (PDF)



Discharge Certification Form




   So, You Live Behind A Levee