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Stratton Operations Update




 May 12, 2017


Little precipitation is currently forecast for after the weekend.  




The half an inch of rain or so that went through on Wednesday slowed the fall of the system. The inflows should start falling again Sunday. We are going to close the gates some at Stratton this afternoon in order to attempt to bring the Stratton tailwater below 3.0 just for the weekend. Once we close the gates we expect the Stratton headwater to rise over a level (~3.7) where water will again go over the unregulated spillway portion of the dam. This means when water flows over that portion of the dam, our gate changes can be thwarted by the river just going to the spillway instead of backing up into the lakes. Our current outflow from Stratton is approximately 3200 cfs and the inflow is 2200 cfs. We do expect the lakes might rise some this weekend, but since the inflows are 2200 cfs we should be able to stop the fall of the lakes and still release 2200 cfs without raising the lakes too far. We will be monitoring the system this weekend.


See PDF above.