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Fox River Stratton Operations Status Update


CURRENT CONDITIONS :  December 5, 2018


Measured inflows on the Fox River near New Munster, WI are 1710 cfs and dropping; flows on Nippersink Creek near Spring Grove are 621 cfs and dropping. Flows on the Fox River at Algonquin Dam are 3090 cfs. The Fox Lake stage is 4.0 ft and the Stratton Dam Tailwater stage is 3.5 ft. The Fox River at the Algonquin Dam Tailwater stage is 8.7 ft.


Most of the Fox River watershed received very little or no precipitation during the past 24 hours as shown on Figure 1.


As shown on Figure 2, the National Weather Service (NWS) is predicting very little precipitation for the next 5 days in the Fox River watershed. The NWS data indicates that Fox River near New Munster, WI crested at a stage of 10.6 ft on Monday, the current stage is 10.01 feet. The NWS is forecasting the Fox River at Algonquin Tailwater will crest at a stage of 8.8 feet on Wednesday/Thursday with a flow of 3040 cfs.


The sluice gates and the hinged crest gate at Stratton Dam are opened. The hinged crest gate at Algonquin Dam is partially opened. The Stratton Dam tailwater may crest at 3.54’ and the Chain of Lakes appear to be cresting. Our goal is to continue moving as much flow as possible the next few days and to restore winter pool storage.



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