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Public Notices


Public Notice:  Proposed Replacement of Deck Beams of IL Rte. 127 Bridge over the Big Muddy River, in Murphysboro, Jackson County, IL. Notice expires October 24, 2016. 
Public Notice:  Shore Protection Project, in Lake Michigan, by Marianne Silver, in Lake Bluff, Lake County, IL. Notice expires October 25, 2016. 
Public Notice:  Installation of a new docking system, in Lake Michigan, In Wilmette Harbor by the Wilmette Harbor Association, Cook County, IL. Notice expires November 3, 2016. 
Public Notice:  Shore Protection system by BLM heritage LLC, in Lake Michigan, in Winnetka, Cook County, IL. Notice expires November 9, 2016
Public Notice:  Proposed Reconstruction, Operation and Maintenance of a Dam in Edwardsville, IL, Madison County, IL. Notice expires November 4, 2016. 

Public Notice:  Proposed Dock Expansion in the Kaskaskia River (Mile 21.3) in Monroe County, Illinois

Notice is hereby given all interested parties that an application has been received from Lighthouse Cove LLC, 510 Draco Drive, Freeburg, Illinois  62243 for a permit to expand the existing dock in an old meander of the Kaskaskia River in the Southwest ¼ of Section 32, Township 3 South, Range 7 West of the 3rd Principal Meridian in Monroe County.  A location map is provided on the reverse side of this notice.

The plans show the extension of the main dock an additional 49 feet to the south with cables and 20-foot trusses anchoring it to the river bank.  The new addition is to be 4-foot wide and supported on capsuled foam floats.  It will feature two (2) 20-foot wide slips separated by a 3-foot wide dock and a 6-foot wide sun deck on the southernmost end supported in the same way. 

Inquiries may be directed to Kristian Peterson at 217/558-4532.  All interested parties are invited to submit written statements regarding the proposed work to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, Illinois 62702 by November 9, 2016.  No work is to be commenced or completed on this project unless and until the permit is issued.  Local authorization may also be required for this project.

Public Notice:  Proposed Modification, Operation and Maintenance of the Waukegan Station East and West Ash Pond Dams, Lake County, Illinois. Notice expires November 23, 2016.
Notice is hereby given all interested parties that a request has been received from Midwest Generation LLC, 401 East Greenwood Avenue, Waukegan, Illinois 60087 for authorization of the modification, operation and maintenance of the East and West Ash Pond Dams.
The proposed dams are provisionally classified as Small Size, Class II dams and are located in Section 15, Township 45 North, Range 12, East of the 3rd Principal Meridian in Lake County.  The dams will be permitted for operation and maintenance.  A portion of the embankment of the East Ash Pond was modified to improve the structural stability of the embankment.
The plans indicate that the embankment modification involved lowering the top elevation and flattening the downstream slope of the east embankment of the East Pond. The top of dam elevation will be 630.0 ft. MSL after modification and the embankment slope will be 2H:1V.  The dams have a height of 20 feet and impoundment capacities of 120 and 140 acre feet for the East and West Ponds, respectively.  Flow into and out of the dams is controlled by the fluid management system of the power station.  There are no spillway structures.   
The modification has been completed to meet the deadline established by the U.S. EPA.
All interested parties are invited to submit written comments regarding the proposed permit to the above address by November 23, 2016.  You are herein provided, per the State of Illinois “Rules for Construction and Maintenance of Dams” (17 IAC CH. I, Section 3702), opportunity to request a hearing regarding the classification.  Any request for such classification hearing must be in writing and include sufficient information to establish the degree of threat to life and property damage in the event of a dam failure.  Inquiries may be directed to Paul Mauer at or 217/782-4427.