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Public Notices


Public Notice:  Pier System modification on Channel Lake, Turtle Beach, Jam Five Enterprises LLC, Lake County, IL. Notice expires January 2, 2017. 
Public Notice:  Proposed Construction of Floating Docks in the South Branch of the Chicago River by the River City Condominium Association, Chicago, Cook County, IL. Notice expires July 18, 2017. 
Public Notice:  Proposed Boat Dock, Fishing Stations, Paved Overlooks and Stormwater Outlet at Hamas Park, Byron, Ogle County, IL. Notice expires July 16, 2017. 
Public Notice:  Proposed Revetment And Boat Ramp By Bill Jackson, in Lake Michigan, Winnetka, Cook County, IL. Notice expires July 24, 2017. 
Public Notice:  Operation and Maintenance of Beaver Glenn Lake Dam, Bureau County, IL. Notice expires August 4, 2017. 
Public Notice:  Proposed data collection buoy by NPM Ventures, LLC., in Lake Michigan, at Navy Pier, Chicago, IL. Notice expires August 8, 2017. 

If a Notice is unavailable, please contact the Webmaster. 


Approved Permits for the   Chicago   Bartlett   Springfield   Offices are available on the Permits page.