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Comment Period Closed

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources ("IDNR") wants to thank everyone who participated in the Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act administrative rules public comment period, either by attending a hearing, speaking at a hearing, or submitting a written public comment. Your views, concerns, and suggestions will result in better administrative rules.

The public comment period on the proposed Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act administrative rules is now closed. IDNR will not accept any additional comments, and no public comments received after January 3rd will be considered.

At this stage, IDNR staff will consider all public comments received during the public comment period and determine whether it is appropriate to amend the proposed rules.

When IDNR completes its analysis and makes any necessary changes, it will transmit the rules to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) of the General Assembly to start the �Second Notice� period � a 45-day period consisting of review by the JCAR staff, and then consideration at a public meeting of JCAR�s legislative members. IDNR�s submission to JCAR will include a summary and analysis of the thousands of public comments received, and it will be made available on IDNR�s website:

Please continue to visit our website for updates on the status of the proposed rules.

If you have specific questions regarding the rulemaking process, please visit JCAR�s website at: