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Youth License and Permits

Youth Hunting License
  • Purpose is to extend limited hunting privileges, in lieu of obtaining a valid hunting license.
  • Applies to resident youth age 18 years old or under
  • The youth must be under the direct supervision of a validly hunter- licensed  adult; parent, grandparent, or guardian who is 21 years of age or older. For the youth to hunt or carrying a hunting implement (firearm, bow, crossbow).
  • The youth must comply with the requirements of any rules and regulations.
  • License are renewable and shall expire on the March 31 following the date of issuance.
  • a youth hunting license shall not require a certificate of competency or other hunting education.
  • At the age 19 or when the youth chooses to hunt by themselves, they are required to successfully complete a Hunter Safety course approved by the Department prior to being able to obtain their own full hunting license.
Sites Open to Youth Deer Hunters
Youth Deer Hunting Permit Information
License/ PermitFeeAvailable OnlineAvailable thru VendorsPermit/ License ID
Resident Youth Hunting -18 & under no hunter safety required expires 3/31.$7.50OnlineVendor List106
Resident & Non-Resident Youth Over the Counter Firearm Permit (Either Sex)$10.50OnlineVendor List192
Resident Youth Trapping *$7.50OnlineVendor List299
Turkey Spring Youth Shotgun/Archery SHA LotteryPermit$10.00Online 590
Turkey Spring Youth Shotgun/Archery Over the Counter (OTC) Permit$10.50OnlineVendor List592
Youth Waterfowl Hunting Permit   H004