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Turkey Permit Applications/Sales Information

Paper Applications are not available until the Application Availability Date.  If you click on the Paper Application URL you will get an Error Message of some kind.
NameFeeAvailable OnlinePaper Application AvailableAvailable thru PhoneAvailable thru VendorsApplication(s)/Permit(s) Available on:
Non-Resident Fall Turkey Archery Permit$75.50Online 1-888-673-7648Vendor ListOnline or OTC 8/6/19 thru 8/31/19; OTC only 9/1/19 thru 1/19/20
Non-Resident Fall Turkey Landowner (POH) Shotgun/Archery Permit Application. See Application for Fees.  Paper  7/2/19 thru 9/1/19
Non-Resident Fall Turkey Shotgun Lottery Permit Application$125.00OnlinePaper  7/2/19 thru 8/19/19
Non-Resident Spring Turkey Landowner (POH) Permit Application$37.50 Paper  12/4/18 thru 3/9/19
Non-Resident Spring Turkey lottery Application$125.00OnlinePaper  12/4/18 thru 2/11/19
Resident Fall Turkey Archery Over-the-Counter (OTC) Permit$5.50  1-888-673-7648Vendor ListOTC only 8/6/19 thru 1/19/20
Resident Fall Turkey Shotgun Lottery Permit Application$15.00OnlinePaper  5/7/19 thru 8/19/19
Resident Landowner (POH) Application-All Programs$0.00 Paper   
Resident Spring Turkey Lottery Application$15.00OnlinePaper  10/9/18 thru 2/11/19
Turkey Spring Youth Shotgun/Archery Over the Counter (OTC) Permit$10.50   Vendor ListOTC only 3/6/18 thru 4/8/18
Turkey Spring Youth Shotgun/Archery SHA Lottery Permit Application$10.00Online   1/16/18 thru 2/19/18