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Commercial Licenses

Attention: Businesses will need to call the DNR at 217-785-3423 or 217-782-2965 to set up a customer number prior to using our new DNR Direct feature. Once your customer id # is obtained, many of the Commercial license  tTypes listed below can be purchased Online or by phone at 1-888-6-PERMIT (1-888-673-7648).
If you are a private citizen wishing to obtain a commercial permit in your OWN name, NO separate customer id # is required.
NameFeeExpiration (Month/Day)Available OnlineAvailable thru VendorsPaper Application AvailableTitle
Aquaculture Permit$50.50March 31Online  777
Commercial Migratory Waterfowl Hunting Area Permit    PaperH003
Fur Tanner or Dyer License$25.50March 31OnlineVendor List 770
Furbearing Animal Breeder License$25.50March 31OnlineVendor List 760
Ginseng Grower License$25.50March 31OnlineVendor List 773
Interstate Minnow Dealer License$500.00March 31  PaperC005
Non-Resident Aquatic Life Dealer License$100.75March 31OnlineVendor List 769
Non-Resident Commercial Fishing Device License/Tags March 31 Vendor ListPaperC014
Non-Resident Commercial Roe Dealer License$1,500.50May 31OnlineVendor List C012
Non-Resident Commercial Roe Harvester License$3,500.00    C011
Non-Resident Fur Buyer Auction Participation License$50.00March 31OnlineVendor List C004
Non-Resident Fur Buyer License$250.50March 31OnlineVendor List C003
Non-Resident Ginseng Dealer License$100.75March 31OnlineVendor List 775
Non-Resident Initial Commercial Fishing License$300.50March 31OnlineVendor List C010
Non-Resident Mussel Dealer License$2,500.75March 31OnlineVendor List 764
Processed Wild Game Dealer License$25.50March 31OnlineVendor List 772
Resident Commercial Fishing Device License/Tags March 31 Vendor ListPaperC013
Resident Commercial Roe Dealer License$500.50March 31OnlineVendor List C009
Resident Commercial Roe Harvester License$250.00May 31   C008
Resident Ginseng Dealer License$50.50March 31OnlineVendor List 774
Resident Initial Commercial Fishing License$60.50March 31OnlineVendor List C007
Resident Mussel Dealer License$300.50March 31OnlineVendor List 763
Resident Only Commercial Mussel License$50.50March 31OnlineVendor List C006
Resident Retail Aquatic Life Dealer License$10.50March 31OnlineVendor List 765
Resident Retail Minnow Dealer License$5.50March 31OnlineVendor List 767
Resident Wholesale Aquatic Life Dealer License$50.50March 31OnlineVendor List 766
Resident Wholesale Fur Buyer License$50.50March 31OnlineVendor List C002
Resident Wholesale Minnow Dealer License$25.50March 31OnlineVendor List 768
Taxidermy License$25.50March 31OnlineVendor List 771
Wild Game & Bird Breeder License (Class A)$10.50March 31OnlineVendor List 761
Wild Game & Bird Breeder License (Class B)$20.50March 31OnlineVendor List 762

 Additional Commercial License Information

Commercial License Information
  • Fur Bearing Animal Breeder is required to possess, breed and/or sell the following species: Opossum, Raccoon, Mink, Red & Gray Fox, Beaver, Muskrat, Badger, River Otter and Weasels
  • Wild Game & Bird Breeder, Class A is required to possess various game mammals, game birds and migratory waterfowl. Class A is noncommercial and does not allow licensees to sell.
  • Wild Game & Bird Breeder, Class B covers the same as class A plus allows license holders to sell alive or dressed for food purposes.
  • Resident Mussel Dealer is issued to an Illinois resident who receives, buys or offers to buy or who acts as an agent or broker in the receipt or purchase of mussels.
  • Non Resident Mussel Dealer is issued to a Non Resident who purchases mussels in Illinois.
  • Resident Retail Fish Dealer is issued to anyone conducting a retail fish market or selling from a truck aquatic life that are protected species and indigenous to Illinois.
  • Resident Wholesale Fish Dealer is issued to anyone conducting a wholesale fish market or selling aquatic life wholesale that are protected species and indigenous to Illinois.
  • Resident Retail Minnow Dealer allows the retail sale of minnows and frogs for bait.
  • Resident Wholesale Minnow Dealer allows the wholesale sale of minnows and frogs.
  • Non Resident Fish Dealer allows a Non Resident of IL to sell or ship to other wholesalers, retailers or consumers in IL any protected aquatic life.
  • Fur Tanner or Dyer allows individuals who engage in the dressing, dyeing or tanning of green hides for other individuals
  • Taxidermy allows individuals to engage in the business of taxidermy for other individuals.
  • Processed Wild Game Dealer allows processors to buy, sell and/or process wild game for public consumption.
  • Ginseng Grower allows any person to engage in the propagation and harvesting of cultivated ginseng.
  • Resident Ginseng Dealer allows any person to buy wild or cultivated ginseng from harvesters, growers or other dealers for resale to exporters or to other dealers.
  •  Non Resident Ginseng Dealer allows Non Residents to buy ginseng in Illinois.
  •  Aquaculture Permit allows breeding, hatching, propagating or raising of aquatic life, whether indigenous or nonindigenous. Aquatic life bred, hatched, propagated or raised by a permittee may be transported and sold for food or stocking purposes.
QUESTIONS? You can contact our office at 217-782-2965 or 888-888-5802.