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  1. Illinois DNR
  2. Licenses, Permits and Registrations

All Licenses, Permits & Stamps

NameFeePrivilege TypeAvailable OnlineAvailable thru VendorsAvailable thru PhonePaper Application AvailableApplication(s)/Permit(s) Available on:
Aquaculture Permit$50.50PermitOnline    
Commercial Migratory Waterfowl Hunting Area Permit Permit   Paper 
Controlled Pheasant Hunting Area Permit Permit     
Crossbow Permit$0.00Permit   Paper 
Crossbow Permit Renewal$0.00Permit   Paper 
CWD Season Deer Firearm OTC Permit (Antlerless Only)$5.50Permit Vendor List  12/08/2020 thru 1/17/2021
Electronic State Habitat Stamp$5.50StampOnlineVendor List1-888-673-7648  
Electronic State Migratory Waterfowl Stamp$15.50OtherOnlineVendor List1-888-673-7648  
Federal Migratory Waterfowl Stamp (may be purchased at US Post Offices or selected DNR offices) $25.50Other  1-888-673-7648  
Free Dove Hunting Permit$0.00PermitOnline    
Free Upland Game Hunting Permit$0.00Permit     
Furbearing Animal Breeder License$25.50LicenseOnlineVendor List1-888-673-7648  
Ginseng Harvest License$7.50LicenseOnlineVendor List1-888-673-7648  
Harvest Information Program (HIP) Certification$0.00OtherOnlineVendor List1-888-673-7648  
Hunting Apprentice License$7.50LicenseOnlineVendor List1-888-673-7648  
Inland Trout Stamp$6.50OtherOnlineVendor List1-888-673-7648  
Interstate Minnow Dealer License$500.00License   Paper 
Lake Michigan Salmon Stamp$6.50OtherOnlineVendor List1-888-673-7648  
Public Duck Hunting Area Permit$0.00Permit     
Public Goose Hunting Area Permit$0.00PermitOnline    
Resident & Non-Resident Youth Deer Season OTC County Firearm Permit (Either Sex)$10.50PermitOnlineVendor List  OTC & Online 8/4/2020 thru 8/31/2020; OTC Only 9/1/2020 thru 10/12/2020
Standing Vehicle Permit$0.00Permit   Paper 
Standing Vehicle Permit Renewal$0.00Permit   Paper 
Timber Buyer License$30.00License   Paper 
Turkey Spring Youth Shotgun/Archery Over the Counter (OTC) Permit$10.50Permit Vendor List  OTC only 3/3/20 thru 4/5/20
Turkey Spring Youth Shotgun/Archery SHA Lottery Permit Application$10.00PermitOnline   1/21/20 thru 2/17/20
Wild Game & Bird Breeder License (Class A)$10.50LicenseOnlineVendor List1-888-673-7648  
Wild Game & Bird Breeder License (Class B)$20.50LicenseOnlineVendor List1-888-673-7648  
Youth Waterfowl Hunting Permit Permit   Paper 
Non-Resident Aquatic Life Dealer License$100.75LicenseOnlineVendor List1-888-673-7648  
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