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Nature Preserve Directory

The Nature Preserves System is divided into 9 areas.  Hover over the area you are interested in.  You will see a list of counties.  Click on the area for county information.

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 Area 1
John Nelson
Moraine Hills State Park

1501 S. River Road
McHenry, IL 60051
Phone: 815/385-1573
Fax: 815/385-1653

Email: John Nelson
Area 3
Kim Roman
Tri-County State Park
2050 W. Stearns Road
Bartlett, IL 60013
Phone: 847/608-3100, # 2038
Fax: 847/608-3109
Email: Kim Roman
Area 5
Tom Lerczak
17500 E. CR 1950 North
P.O. Box 590
Havana, IL 62644-0590
Phone: 217/299-4474 
Email: Tom Lerczak
Area 7
Debbie Scott Newman
PO Box 356
Ava, IL 62907
Phone: 618/684-3840
Email: Debbie Newman
Area 9
Contact: Randy R. Heidorn
One Natural Resources Way
Springfield, IL   62702
Fax:  217-785-2438
Email: Randy Heidorn

 Area 2

Steven M. Byers
Lost Valley Visitor Center
7210 Keystone Road
Richmond, IL  60071
Phone:  815-678-4865
Fax:  815-678-4795
Email: Steven Byers

Area 4
Angella Moorehouse
2005 E Highway 136, Suite B
Carthage, IL 62321
Phone: 309-259-0231
Email: Angella Moorehouse


Area 6
Mary Kay Solecki
#1 North Street
Sidney, IL 61877
Phone: 217/688-2622
Email: Mary Kay Solecki


Area 8

Bob Edgin
9940 E. 500th Avenue
Newton, IL 62448
Phone: 618/783-4125
Email: Bob Edgin


Main Office
Illinois Nature Preserves Commission
One Natural Resource Way
Springfield, IL 62702-1271
Phone: 217/785-8686
Fax: 217/785-2438