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Grant Opportunities


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All grants administered by the Department, including other grants not listed below, are subject to available funding.

Funding Information 

See Notices for Funding Opportunities on Sidebar. 
  • Grants Administered by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (Listing)
    The following links will take you directly to those sections on our website.

  • Grant Administration-AEG

  • Recreational Grants-in-Aid Programs. These include OSLAD/federal LWCF, Boating Access, PARC, and Trails Programs like Bikeway, Snowmobile, Off-Highway Vehicle, and federal recreational trails.

  • The Urban and Community Forestry Assistance Grant provides financial assistance to local units of government for the development of local urban and community forestry programs. These activities must help to establish, manage, conserve and preserve the urban and community forests from inner city to associated public lands.

  • Illinois Biodiversity Field Trip Grant application - Teachers may apply to receive funds for natural resources-related field trips with their students.

  • Schoolyard Habitat Action Grants (available to schools, nature centers and youth groups)

  • Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant Program (VFA Program) - During the past two years approximately thirty wil​dland fire training classes have been presented around the state through the Illinois Fire Service Institute. Please visit here again as we will be posting new information and forms.

  • Special Wildlife Funds Grant Program - The Office of Resource Conservation provides grants through the Illinois Habitat Fund, State Pheasant Fund, State Furbearer Fund, and the Migratory Waterfowl Stamp fund that are funded by Illinois sportsmen through the purchase of Habitat Stamps and Migratory Waterfowl Stamps. Together these programs are designed to protect, acquire, enhance or manage wildlife habitat and to support limited research and educational programs to further advance this mission. The Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund Grant Program is designed to preserve, protect, perpetuate and enhance non-game wildlife and native plant resources of this state through preservation of a satisfactory environment and an ecological balance. Additionally, the Maintenance of Wildlife Rehabilitation Facilities That Take Care of Threatened or Endangered Species portion of the Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund is intended to keep these facilities in a state of good repair necessary to provide safe and sanitary conditions for the species and the staff.

  • Forestry Assistance Programs. These include the Rural Forest Landowner Assistance, the Urban and Community Forestry, Nursery Operations, Forest Protection and Health Management, Forest Products Industry Assistance, and Forestry Development Act (FDA) programs.

  • Illinois Coastal Management Program Grants Communities and non-profits along the Illinois Lake Michigan shoreline can apply for grants to protect, restore, and manage the Illinois Lake Michigan Coast for current and future generations