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  1. Illinois DNR
  2. Endangered Species Protection Board

Illinois List of E & T Species Review and Revision

The 2016-18 Illinois List of Endangered and Threatened Animals Review and Revision
The ESPB is establishing Endangered Species Technical Advisory Committees (ESTACs) for various animal groups to review data on currently listed species.  The committee meetings will be open to the public.  Dates and meeting places will be posted as they become available.
ESPB Petition Process and Forms for Recommending Changes to the List
The ESPB has established a petition process and forms for anyone wishing to make recommendations for changes to the Illinois List of Endangered and Threatened Species – adding a species, removing a species, or changing the listed status of a species.  The process and forms are intended to provide a standardized, transparent, and equally accessible means for anyone to petition the ESPB about changes to the Illinois List.
Use the following links to access a Word document that includes the process and form for each petition option:
Petition Process and Form