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  1. Illinois DNR
  2. Concession and Lease Management

Concession and Lease Management

Concession and Lease Management (CLM) is responsible for administering concession lease agreements covering concession operations on DNR lands such as State Park Lodging, food/refreshment sales, watercraft rentals, golf course operations, and horse riding stables. In addition, CLM administers legal agreements providing operational activities such as land leases for peripheral or buffer lands and buildings made available for selected uses without adverse impacts to conservation of the natural resources or management of recreational programs. Concessions and lease management is part of the Office of Realty and Environmental Planning.
As needed, CLM handles utility rights of way to accommodate utility developments which must cross state property; special permits for temporary use or access across DNR land for construction access, resource management activities, or other one-time use; annexation of portions of DNR property to adjacent communities for expansion of public services; and management agreements with other agencies of local, state, or federal government.