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File with extension: htmlIllinois Frogs and Toads: Wood Frog
The wood frog has a dark robber’s mask. … The breeding season is very short and explosive, lasting only one or two weeks in March. … The wood frog lays its eggs in the permanent or semi-permanent pools of moist woodlands bu …
File with extension: htmlIllinois Frogs and Toads: western chorus frog
The western chorus frog has three dark lines on its tan, gray or green-gray back. … frog is now found throughout Illinois, although at one time it was probably more of … After the breeding season these secretive creatures are seldom seen.
File with extension: aspxCalendar : Calling Frog & Toad Survey Volunteer Orientation - Cache River SNA
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File with extension: pdfLayout 1
1) identify frog and toad species by their call; and 2) describe the adaptive advantages of frog and … the breeding season just by following a predetermined route and listening to the chorus. … crawfish frog – The call sounds like a loud, long snore.
File with extension: pdf2003026w.pdf
… cricket frog (Acris crepitans blanchaddi), gray treefrog complex (probably Cope's gray treefrog -Hy … and Pond 2, Field Season 2003 Spotted Salamander Ambystoma maculatum Marbled Salamander Ambystoma o … encounter survey yielded an adult southern leopard frog
File with extension: pdf34998C_Outdoor_Body
… truly fresh frog legs (a jewel of French cuisine) is to go frog hunting yourself. … devising a frog-catching method, then descending upon your local bullfrog hangout between June 15 a … one incredible frog hunt years ago when, after hauling in a particularly huge bullfrog from a pond, …
File with extension: pdf1999037w.pdf
Frog call surveys were also used in the early spring to help quantify relative abundance of Anuran p … was only one wood frog (Rana sylvatica) collected during the survey … short breeding season (late January and early February), it would be easy to miss large populations …
File with extension: pdfMarch 11
… Illinois chorus frog—a oneand-a-half-inch-long, statethreatened amphibian that burrows into the gro … counties, this frog spends two-thirds of its life beyond human view—and beyond our knowledge of its … Illinois chorus frog “ephemeral,” and this word could be used to describe the frogs themselves.
File with extension: pdf138_cp_dapl_4 27 15.pdf
2-16 2.4.3 Potential Effects to Illinois Chorus Frog … 4-1 4.2 Illinois Chorus Frog … an initial open season that ran from March 12 to May 23, 2014, and an expansion open season that co …
File with extension: pdf2000050w.pdf
… cricket frog, Acris crepitans blanchardi, is a small, rugose frog averaging 1 .6 -3 cm in length … Smith (1961) labeled the cricket frog as the most common and abundant amphibian in Illinois … if the cricket frog is actually declining in northern Illinois
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