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File with extension: pdf17-750.pdf
… velvet; 5) if the deer is a fawn, are spots still present on the hide; 6) is the deer hide all whit … who claim a deer killed in a vehicle collision shall keep the record until they obtain a tag for ta … b) A salvage tag will be issued for the deer only after the person seeking to possess the deer has p …
File with extension: pdfarcherydeerhuntinginformation.pdf
… temporary harvest tag (leg tag) with confirmation number must remain with the deer while it is proc … condi on of the tag precludes wri ng on the tag in the appropriate space (i.e. bloody, etc.), the … The leg tag and confirma on number must remain a ached to the deer un l it is at the legal reside …
File with extension: htmlOctober 2011
The second hunter also partook of using other hunter’s deer tags. … of a whitetail deer, failure to report harvest of whitetail deer, and failure to tag whitetail dee … of a whitetail deer, seven counts unlawful taking of a whitetail deer out of season, seven counts …
File with extension: pdf17-675.pdf
… WHITE-TAILED DEER SEASON FOR DISEASE CONTROL Section 675.10 Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Season 67 … Section 675.20 CWD Deer Permit Requirements a) Hunters must have an unfilled deer permit valid for … or youth deer permits are valid only for the county for which they were originally issued, except t …
File with extension: htmlfeb.html
unlawfully take of deer without valid archery deer permit, failure to tag deer immediately upon kil … The other subject admitted to killing deer and placing his wife’s tag on the deer. … Two subjects killed deer during the deer hunting season and failed to immediately tag the deer upon …
File with extension: htmlnov.html
… had failed to tag his deer and obtain a harvest confirmation number as required. … He was issued a citation for failure to tag deer immediately upon kill. … Unlawful Take of Deer, Hunting Over Bait and Failure to Tag Immediately Upon Kill.
File with extension: pdfdeerhuntinginfoandcheckinsystem.pdf
… Winter/Special CWD deer seasons (Jan. 1 -4; Jan. 16 -18), and on those DNR sites that allow archery … the legal limit of deer by bow and arrow to further participate with bow and arrow in any deer hunt … Persons hunting deer must have gun unloaded during hours when deer hunting is unlawful.
File with extension: htmlOctober 2011
The same deer stand had been partially taken down earlier in the deer season but left against the t … A CPO responded to a complaint of a hunter using another hunter’s deer tag. … a firearm, four deer tags and parts of four deer were seized.
File with extension: pdf17-680.pdf
… 680 LATE-WINTER DEER HUNTING SEASON Section 680.10 Statewide Season 680.20 Statewide Deer Permit Re … 680.20 Statewide Deer Permit Requirements a) Illinois resident hunters must have an unfilled deer p … or youth deer permits are valid only for the county for which they were originally issued, except t …
File with extension: pdfcwddeerhuntingpermitinformation.pdf
… Disease (CWD) Deer Permit, or an unfilled deer permit valid for the previous firearm, muzzleloader … or youth deer permits that were originally issued for special hunt areas are not valid during the C … allowed to take a deer with or without antlers, and an antlerless-only permit holder is allowed to …
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