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The coyote resembles a small German shepherd dog, but carries its tail below the level of the … A coyote's muzzle is long and narrow; its ears are erect and pointed. … of habitat a coyote lives in, presence of nearby packs and seasons of the year – especially when c …
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Coyote Calls
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Coyote Images  … began urban coyote studies in Cook County, Illinois, when residents noticed more coyotes in urban … Coyote
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… RED FOX, GRAY FOX, COYOTE AND WOODCHUCK (GROUNDHOG) HUNTING Section 550.10 General Regulations 550. … Red Fox, Gray Fox, Coyote and Woodchuck (Groundhog) Hunting on Department-Owned, -Leased or -Manage … d) Coyote and striped skunk season shall coincide with the statewide fox season unless otherwise spe …
File with extension: htmChicago Area Is Home to Growing Numbers of Coyotes - News Release - 8/1/04
… as 30 years ago, coyote populations were low due to now-defunct eradication programs. … to watch a coyote pouncing and playing in a field near office buildings and homes … are at risk in coyote habitat, which includes fields, parks and woods.
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… at midnight…yet a coyote might bolt from the moonlight reflection of a gun barrel. … furs, as a fine coyote or fox pelt becomes a luxurious possession once tanned properly. … calling the canny coyote into range.
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… Area Permits for coyote and fox areas, for rabbit areas, for raccoon areas and for certain combinat … 5) The date of mortality or discovery of mortality of any coyote, fox or raccoon. … 1) Coyote and fox hound running areas shall contain not less than 2 animals and shall not contain mo …
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… raccoon, fox, and coyote were relatively strong during 2003-04. … The last time the average pelt value for coyote exceeded $13.15 was in 1986. … skunk (126%), coyote (132%), and badger (133%).
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