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Please remember to check your watercraft registration card or decals for your expiration date.  Registration expire every 3 years on June 30th

A reminder:  Please remember that watercrafts are like vehicles. When buying used you must have the title signed over to you.  Also, copies of titles/registrations are not acceptable; the original must be sent.   

Although known as the Prairie State, Illinois also is a water-rich state. We at DNR encourage you to explore and enjoy these waters safely as you discover Illinois afloat. Whether your time on the water is for a little paddling exercise, or you boat while fishing, wildlife watching, skiing or taking photos, make it a point to explore the waterways of Illinois—and to do so safely. Take an Illinois Boating Education course. Always wear your personal flotation device. Let someone know your boating plans. Know your limitations. Do not operate a watercraft while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Stay alert to dangerous situations. Enjoy Illinois.