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Application Forms 

Watercraft Registration/Title Application Form

Instructions & Fee Schedule

Instructions & Fee Schedule Instructions & Fee Schedule
  • Application copy to DNR
  • 120 Day Temporary Permit - Owner(s) signature on the Temporary Permit copy affirms that a proper Watercraft application has been submitted to the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources and, accordingly is permitted to operate the watercraft under this Temporary Permit for a period of 120 days from date of application subject to all provisions of the Illinois Boat Registration and Safety Act. You must carry this document on your person while operating the watercraft until the Registration Card is received.

Power of Attorney Form - If the seller(s) has lost the Illinois Watercraft title.

Small Estate Affidavit Form - If the owner(s) of the watercraft is deceased, you must also submit:

  • a copy of the death certificate for the deceased owner; and
  • a small estate affidavit, attorney's affidavit, or letter of office from a court.

IL Dept. of Revenue Information: Tax Requirement on Watercraft

Forms for boat use tax are multi-part (carbon) forms and cannot be faxed or downloaded. These forms are generally obtained from a dealership or currency exchange. If you need to obtain the form prior to registering your boat, you can request copies to be mailed to you by calling the Illinois Department of Revenue's 24-hour Forms Order at 1-800-356-6302. For additional information please go here.

National Vessel Documentation Center - United States Coast Guard contact information (if your watercraft has been issued a valid marine certificate of documentation by the United States Coast Guard):

National Vessel Documentation Center
792 T J Jackson Drive
Falling Waters, WV 25419
FAX: 304-271-2405

To order a supply of watercraft applications send a request via e-mail to