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Long Run Seep Nature Preserve - West Shore Pipeline 

Cook County

On March 25, 1999, West Shore Pipeline (West Shore) released 15,000 gallons of fuel oil at their Bell Station facility in Lemont, Illinois. 750 gallons of the released oil migrated off-site into an adjacent wetland. This resulted in soil, surface, water, and groundwater contamination, and adversely affected or threatened to adversely impact flora, fauna, wildlife, and aquatic life. Approximately half of the wetland appeared to be affected by the release. The release was identified with the presence of blackened, stained vegetation, and a floating film visible on the water's surface.

An NRDA claim was made by the Illinois Natural Resource Trustees for the purpose of estimating injury amounts and planning for restoration. An NRDA settlement was agreed upon by all the parties. The matter was settled in September of 2002.

The Illinois Natural Resource Trustees implemented a project to control invasive vegetation as compensation for injuries caused by West Shore. A final restoration plan was drafted and funds were utilized to implement the restoration project. Continued monitoring of the restoration project is ongoing to evaluate the presence of invasive vegetation and the overall benefits of invasive species control on the wildlife habitat. A summary of these findings will be available in the future.

Documents - Restoration

Documents - Settlement