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Tell - Find - See 

Tell Us About It!
Tell us about an experience you have had with animal signs in Illinois. Send your entry to today! We will only use your first name and age, so include that information, too. To enter, you must be under 18 years of age. Read the entries here.

Can You Find Animal Signs?
Send up to three digital photographs of animal signs in Illinois, and we'll post them on this Web page! If you're not sure what animal signs are, read the information posted in this month's Kids for Conservation issue or watch the video podcast. Please do not include people in the photos. Send your first name and age as well. Send the photos to You can see the photos here.

I've Seen One!
Animal signs are found statewide in Illinois. We want to know if you have seen signs left by an animal in the state in the past 12 months. Send "I've Seen One" to with your first name, age and the name of the county where you saw the signs. Look at our results map here.