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Kids In Action 

Kids in Action highlights youth in Illinois who are making a positive difference for the state’s natural resources. The following youth were 2012 winners of the Illinois Conservation Foundation Youth Achievement Scholarship.

Zachary, Highland Park High School

Zachary has demonstrated a long-term dedication to protecting and preserving the natural resources in Illinois. His efforts include participation in beach clean-ups, recycling, prairie restoration and removal of invasive species. He is instrumental in the operation of his school's environmental club. Zachary's leadership skills in all of these activities led him to be named to his city’s Natural Resources Commission. His work will have a lasting effect on the area.

Kyla, Oswego East High School

Kyla is driven to be the best. She has organized electronics recycling events that have resulted in thousands of pounds of electronic equipment from the community being salvaged instead of taking up landfill space. She has worked on stream and park clean-up efforts. Kyla also initiated a book drive for a book recycling program. Kyla has shown the ability to handle responsibility and take on leadership roles throughout her high school career.

Steve, Pecatonica High School

Steve has participated in river clean-up programs. He has been a leader in teaching other youth and promoting youth involvement in outdoor activities and education. Throughout his time in high school, Steve has affected both wildlife and people, and the results will be felt for many years.

Will, Pecatonica High School

Will has been instrumental in conducting a wood duck research project. He has taken part in river clean-up programs and has led youth conservation tours. Illinois' natural resources are important to him, and his efforts have resulted in positive impacts.