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Kids In Action - February 2016

Earth Day in the Parks
Carlinville Primary School, Carlinville, Macoupin County
Earth Day15C.jpg
Four classes of third graders from Carlinville Primary School did a wonderful job at the Earth Day in the Parks event at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ (IDNR) headquarters in Springfield in April 2015. They assembled and painted bird nesting boxes, planted native prairie plants in a pollinator garden and prairie restoration, scattered seeds and drilled holes for native bees to nest in. Their work will make a positive difference for wildlife! The IDNR and Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund provided funding for this event.
Earth Day15D.jpgEarth Day15G.jpgEarth Day15H.jpgEarth Day15L.jpgEarth Day15N.jpgEarth Day15P.jpg