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Volunteer at DNR 

You can join our team of volunteers who share their love of nature, their time, and their dedication to conservation. We welcome individuals, community organizations, such as schools, scouts, church groups, and service organizations.  Volunteers are needed throughout the State at Parks, Campgrounds, Wildlife Management Areas, Nature Preserves, Special Events and many of our Programs. 

If you care about the outdoors and want to give back to your community, or if you have a passion to help us
fulfill our mission, you can help!  You or your organization can donate a few hours or several weeks to the Department's many volunteer projects.  You can volunteer on weekdays, weekends or a combination of both.

Volunteer Opportunities

Campground Host Program Packet of Information           Map of Locations
Disabled Outdoor Opportunities Program
Illinois State Museum
Natural Heritage
Nature Preserves Commission Programs

Parks and Recreation                                                Map of Locations         

Safety Education Program
State Fair and Special Events
Wingshooting Program