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April 5, 2013 
Notice to Landowners Regarding Illinois Property-Only Deer Hunting Recertification 
A third-party vendor recently mailed forms for the 2013 Illinois Resident Free “Property Only Hunting” Firearm/Archery Deer Recertification Permit Application process.  The forms mailed by the vendor included correct addresses, but not the names of the applicants who must recertify this year. 

Corrected recertification application forms stamped with the words “CORRECTED APPLICATION” – with addresses and names – have now been mailed. 

Those individuals who have already returned the original recertification forms to the IDNR need not submit the corrected application if the name on the second form is correct.  If another name (i.e., another family member’s name) is on the corrected application form, those forms should be sent to the IDNR by the individual whose name appears on the corrected application. 

The recertification process allows the IDNR to maintain a valid file of those eligible for property-only permits and receiving free deer permits.

The IDNR apologizes for any confusion and inconvenience regarding the 2013 Resident Free “Property Only Hunting” Firearm/Archery Deer Recertification applications.
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