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December 7, 2011 
Chris McCloud 
Stacey Solano 
Hunter Quota Increased for Controlled Pheasant Hunting at Jim Edgar Panther Creek SFWA 
SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) today announced that the hunter quota is being increased on the Controlled Pheasant Hunting Unit at the Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area. Beginning on Saturday, December, 10, 2011 and continuing for the remainder of the hunting season, the hunter quota has been increased from the standard 55 hunters per day to 70 hunters per day. 

Jim Edgar Panther Creek is located in Cass County 11 miles northwest of Ashland, Illinois.  The hunter quota increase is due to very strong interest in controlled pheasant hunting at the site by central Illinois pheasant hunters.  The Controlled Pheasant Hunting Unit at the Jim Edgar Panther Creek SFWA consists of 5,500 acres of grassland habitat interspersed with some crop stubble fields and small to medium sized woodlots.

Hunters are encouraged to use the online Controlled Pheasant Hunting Reservation System on the IDNR website at to secure permits for these additional hunting opportunities.  Reserved Permits ensure hunters will have the opportunity to hunt.  Standby Permits are also available at the site, although standby hunting opportunities are limited.

To access the reservation system:
1. Click on the "Hunting/Trapping" button on the toolbar on the IDNR Home Page
2. Then click on the Pheasant Icon
3. Then click on "Controlled Pheasant Areas" under the “Quick Links” heading

Hunters are reminded that the daily permit fee for controlled pheasant hunting is $25 for resident hunters and $35 for nonresident hunters.  The daily permit fee applies to each hunter.  Reserved Permits are paid for via credit card during the application process.  Completing a permit reservation online can be accomplished as late as 24 hours before an available hunt date and takes less than five minutes. Standby hunters pay daily permit fees at the site hunter check station on the hunt date. Standby hunters need to be prepared to pay permit fees with cash.

Hunters without computers are encouraged to gain access to the controlled pheasant hunting online reservation system by checking with family or friends who have computers with internet access or by using a computer at their local public library.

For controlled hunting applications, information and regulations, check the Controlled Pheasant Hunting Website at

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