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Contacts for Blasting & Explosives 

Blasting and Explosives Offices

Benton Office 618/439-9111
Springfield Office 217/782-9976

For questions please use the following links:

Blasting Related Inquiries
Explosives Related Inquiries

Inspection Territories

Staff - Blasting & Explosives


Michael Falter, Supervisor of Operations          

Rob Farabaugh, Blasting Specialist - Northern District

Jim Hafliger, Acting Director of Mines and Minerals/Chief Technical Specialist

Paul Jaderholm, Blasting Specialist - Central District

Antony Lacey, Blasting Specialist-Central District

Angela Martin, Aggregate Blasting, Reclamation and Explosive Storage Coordinator

Myron McCaskey, Blasting Specialist - Northern District

Barry McCauley, Northern District Supervisor/Blasting Specialist

Brad Murphy, Blasting Specialist - Southern District

Mike Porter, Blasting Specialist - Southern District

Linda Raufer, Explosives License Coordinator

Jeff Steiner, Blasting Specialist - Central District

Nick Sterling, Blasting Specialist - Northern District