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Big Buck Recognition 

Scoring is based on standards set up by the Boone and Crockett Club. To qualify, deer taken by firearm must score a minimum of 140 for a typical rack and 160 for a non-typical set of antlers. The minimum for deer taken by bow, arrow and crossbow is 115 for typical and 130 for non-typical antlers.
Big Buck Recognition Certificate


Use this list of big buck measurers for archery, crossbow or firearm kills that meet the following requirements:
  • Typical firearm kills must score between 140 and 170
  • Non-typical firearm kills must score between 160 and 195
  • Typical archery and crossbow kills must score between 115 and 125
  • Non-typical archery and crossbow kills must score between 130 and 155.
Note: If your archery kill meets the requirements for Pope & Young (minimum of 125 for typical deer, 155 for non-typical) or your firearm kill meets the requirements for Boone & Crockett (minimum 170 for typical deer, 195 for non-typical) do not use this list. It must be measured by an individual certified by the appropriate organization.


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For more information about the Big Buck Recognition Program please email.