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Mud to Parks Application 

Opening December 1, 2010  - NOW CLOSED


The primary objective of the Mud to Parks grants is to encourage the removal of sediment from Illinois’ waterways to reuse for valuable projects that would create habitat, benefit the public and have long term sustainable impacts.

Applicants must fill out the Mud to Parks application and return it completed with all required  attachments by the deadline. Applicants are not required to provide match, but it is highly encouraged. There is no maximum or minimum award amount, although applicants are encouraged to request no more than $250,000 in Mud to Parks grant funds.

Below you will find the application, instructions, forms and guidelines needed in order to apply for a Mud to Parks grant. Applicants are encouraged to pre-submit their application for review prior to the submittal deadline of December 15, 2010.


Funding priority will be given to Applications that will use the grant money to address these program objectives and criteria: 

  • Ensure project benefits the public, recreational activites, habitat, and endangered and threatened species;
  • Project will restore BOTH aquatic and land areas
  • Project supports Ecosystem Partnership/watershed goals and Mud to Parks goals;  
  • Project will have long term (20 years+) sustainable impacts;
  • Project has sound, achievable, and doable goals;
  • Project is timely and is ready to be implemented now;
  • Applicant has demonstrated the ability to implement/complete the project;
  • Timetable appears reasonable and completion dates are realistic;
  • Application is complete and well thought out;
  • Project has multiple partners/match providers? Budget appears sound and appropriate;
  • Demonstrates appropriate use of capital bond funds. 


 Application, instructions, forms and helpful links...







USEPA list of contaminents  

 IEPA list of accredited Labs in Il


Submit your completed application and attachments to:

Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Attention: Mud to Parks Grant Application
1 Natural Resources Way
Springfield IL 62702-1271

   Deadline - DECEMBER 15, 2010

Mud to Parks Grant Application must be postmarked or emailed to the above address prior to 11:59pm  December 15, 2010

For more information, contact:    

Tammy Miller
IL Dept. of Natural Resources
One Natural Resources Way
Springfield, IL 62702
(217) 524-1266  or