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Employment Opportunities

Pre-Announcement Information

Note: This is not the official vacancy announcement

Illinois Coastal Management Program
Chicago, Illinois

Natural Resources Coordinator - Option 4

Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Illinois Coastal Management Program (ICMP) is dedicated to protecting and managing the natural and cultural resources along our magnificent 63 mile stretch of Lake Michigan shoreline. To assist with its mission, ICMP will soon be hiring for two Natural Resources Coordinator positions that will be based out of the Chicago office.

These positions require a bachelor’s degree in natural resource management or a related biological science (biology, zoology, ecology, conservation biology) supplemented by one year of experience in natural resource management. For the first position, experience with fisheries and/or freshwater ecology, or experience with coastal ecology is desirable. For the second position, experience with the natural resource aspects of urban and regional planning or recreational planning and programming is desirable.

The official vacancy announcement for these positions will be posted on Work 4 Illinois, (, a web-based electronic hiring system for the State of Illinois. Candidates will have to apply online once the announcement is posted.

If you are interested in this position, please register at Work 4 Illinois to receive notifications once this vacancy is open. See “How to Apply” below for more information.

Major Duties

Natural Resources Coordinator will provide assistance in developing and implementing highly complex and comprehensive restoration ecology program for the general service area within the Illinois coastal zone. Major duties include:

  • Provides professional and technical assistance in natural areas preservation and management to advance Great Lakes restoration; assists in formulating long-term comprehensive plans for the advancement of Great Lakes restoration. Assists in management of federal grants funding coastal programs.

  • Assist in compiling, assessing and interpreting ecological data on the Illinois Lake Michigan Basin; includes contribution to periodic reports on pollution prevention initiatives, non-point source projects and voluntary pollution reduction/abatement projects.

  • Provides professional and technical assistance in the delivery of public outreach and education tools to both the public and private sectors;

  • Serves as liaison to community and stakeholder groups, assisting in coordination with partners and the public in partnerships such as Millennium Reserve or the Waukegan Harbor Area of Concern; helps in the development of technical projects, reports and presentations.

  • Based on background, may be tasked with projects related to fisheries and freshwater ecology, particularly in relation to coastal Lake Michigan habitats; and/or projects working with coastal communities on natural resource planning issues such as stormwater or recreational planning.

How to Apply

To receive notification once the vacancy is open, go to and follow these steps:

  • Click on Job Interest Card/Test Information Guides in the left-hand column

  • Search for Natural Resources Coordinator

  • When a list of available positions comes up, click on Natural Resources Coordinator – Opt 4

  • Click on “Email me when jobs like this become available”

  • Provide your information and submit your request

To start the application process, you can submit an application (form CMS 100) at any time. Applications will be maintained on file until an agency requests that the title be opened or for a maximum of one year. Once the position is opened, all applicants on file that meet the minimum qualifications will be mailed a Supplemental Questionnaire. Instructions for completion of the Supplemental Questionnaire will be included with the mailing. After successfully obtaining a passing grade, your name will be placed on an open competitive eligible list for Natural Resources Coordinator - Opt 4. An official grade notice will be mailed to you when grading is completed and if you qualify, you will be contacted for an interview.

To submit an application before the vacancy is open, go to and:

  • Click on Forms in the left-hand column

  • Select form CMS-100

  • Fill out the form. For question 7 – County of Choice, select Cook County

  • Mail form to address indicated on the form.

To submit an application once the vacancy is open, go to and:

  • Click on Job Postings in the left-hand column

  • Search for jobs by Agency (Natural Resources)

  • Select Natural Resources Coordinator – Opt 4 (there will be two positions posted – make sure you read position descriptions and apply for the right one)

  • Click on “Click Here for Applicant Information and Grading Procedures”

  • Click “Apply” (in the upper right-hand corner)

  • Set up user login information and apply using the online system. Your online application will follow the same process of evaluation as outlined above.

For questions, contact Diane Tecic at or 312-814-0665