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Workshop: Illinois RiverWatch Volunteers 

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Saturday 
Citizen Scientist Program

RiverWatch certified volunteers, referred to as Citizen Scientists, collect high quality scientific data that will subsequently be used by professionals and the general public to gauge long-term trends in stream health, develop land management strategies, identify potentially degraded waters, and assess the effectiveness of restoration projects. Through monitoring, Citizen Scientists obtain a greater understanding and appreciation for our rivers and streams and serve as advocates for the protection of those resources.

Volunteer workshop is $50.00 and must be paid in advance of the workshop.  Contact Nate Keener for registration and information.  Also may register on web site.
For more information: 
Event Type: 
Educator Workshop; Volunteer Project; Water Resources Event 
DNR Region(s): 
3; 4; 5 
John A. Logan College, Building "H", Room H-127 
DNR Park: 
700 Logan College Rd; park in Lot "B",  
City, State ZIP: 
Carterville  IL   
Contact person/email: 
Nate Keener  / 
618-468-2782  /  
Other Phone: 
618-985-2828, John A. Logan College