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Administrative Rules (Proposed) 

Florida Admin Rules Books

Illinois' Proposed (including Emergency) Administrative Rules pertinent to Natural Resources are listed below, according to stage in the rule-making process.

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For Adopted Rules, please go to the Adopted Rules page.

For Illinois Compiled Statutes, please go to the ILCS website.


First Notice

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Second Notice

expand Fish and Wildlife
17-530Cock Pheasant, Hungarian Partridge, Bobwhite Quail, and Rabbit Hunting (Second Notice expires 7/23/2015)
17-570Muskrat, Mink, Raccoon, Opossum, Striped Skunk, Weasel, Red Fox, Gray Fox, Coyote, Badger, River Otter, Beaver and Woodchuck (Groundhog) Trapping (Second Notice expires 7/23/2015)
17-640Outfitter Regulations (Second Notice expires 6/4/2015)
17-675Special White-Tailed Deer Season for Disease Control (Second Notice expires 7/22/2015)
17-690Squirrel Hunting (Second Notice expires 7/22/2015)
17-715The Taking of Wild Turkeys - Fall Gun Season (Second Notice expires 7/22/2015)
17-730Dove Hunting (Second Notice expires 7/23/2015)
17-830Commercial Fishing and Musseling in Certain Waters of the State (Second Notice expires 7/23/2015)
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17-3090Recreational Trails Program (Second Notice expires 7/12/2015)

Emergency Rules