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Stratton Operations Update 

Fox River Status Update


June 19, 2015


Current Conditions

The observed inflows to the Chain of Lakes are 1300 cfs and dropping.  The Chain of Lakes stage per the Fox Lake gage is 4.9 feet and falling.   Outflows from Stratton Dam are 2500 cfs.  The Fox River tailwater stage at Stratton Dam is 3.2 feet and falling.  The Fox River tailwater stage at Algonquin Dam is 8.33 feet and is holding steady. 



The National Weather Service (NWS) is predicting a chance of rain Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday evening.  The NWS is predicting that the Fox River near New Munster, WI will continue to fall.  More rain is forecasted for next week.



With the Fox River and Chain of Lakes falling, the Obermeyer Hinged Crest Gate at Stratton Dam will be closed Saturday morning at 8am.  The closing of the gate should allow the Fox River at Stratton Dam tailwater gage to fall below the no-wake stage of 3.0.   Please beware although the stage will be below no-wake levels, flows on the Fox River will remain high with the potential for high river velocities.  The Fox River and Chain of Lakes will continue fall.  We will continue monitoring rainfall and watershed response with the rainfall next week.



Rita M. Lee, P.E., CFM

Engineering Studies Section Chief

IDNR Office of Water Resources